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xStarter 1.9.3

Automate each and every process in your computer.
Publisher: xStarter Solutions, Inc.
Category: System Utilities
Version: 1.9.3
License: shareware
Cost: 39.5$
Size: 11.77 MB
Updated: 07 Sep 2015
We, advanced computer users, spend all day in front of our monitors doing
repetitive tasks again and again. Our fingers remember many key combinations
to use in various Windows applications. Our brains work in an almost
automatic mode and sometimes we feel just like another part of our PC. We
forget that computers were invented to help us do our work and not to make us
their slaves.

It's time to break the vicious circle. When you notice a certain operation
that needs to be repeated every few days, automate it. Spend a few minutes
now to create a macro that will save you much time in the future.

Don't waste your time trying to adopt simple schedulers and macro recorders
to your needs. They require more work to automate advanced operations than it
would take to do these operations manually. Fortunately, there is a great
product that provides unparalleled functionality for the price of a simple
scheduler. xStarter will help you automate each and every process in your
computer. Nothing is impossible with this extraordinary utility...made by
professionals and for professionals. Automate operations on schedule, on a
keypress or via various events (windows event log changes, file/folder
modifications, signals from an RS232 port, TCP/IP messages, etc.)

Here are just a few examples of what xStarter can do for you: The program
can start/stop processes and services, send keys to applications or play
pre-recorded macros imitating a real user. It can manage your files
automatically, analyze file lists and synchronize directories. xStarter can
work with archives. xStarter can download webpages and analyze their contents
in order to select proper actions. xStarter can synchronize files via FTP, SFTP and
work with your e-mail. Try it and you will find many more useful options.

Don't let computers enslave you! Let xStarter do your daily work.

Version: 1.9.3(07 Jul 2009) -
New actions to synchronize SFTP folders with local folders. Full Unicode supported now.
Version: 1.9.0(27 Feb 2008)
Micorosft Vista support added. A number of new actions.
Version: 1.8.9(28 Aug 2007)
New actions to automate work with databases via ADO.
Version: 1.8.7(21 Jan 2007)
It's now possible to compile xStarter tasks into distributable .exe files.
New action InputVar, it allows to ask user to fill some values. E.g. user can enter name of file that must be copied.
Version: 1.86

download ( - 11.77 MB)