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XP Home Permissions Manager 2.5

Permissions Manager is a tool to control your files and folders permissions.
Publisher: Gyrus Solutions
Category: Misc Applications
Version: 2.5
License: shareware
Cost: 9.95$
Size: 1.07 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Permissions Manager is a Windows shell extension for extended control over files and folders permissions. This t is quite different than generic Windows security dialog. It allows creating predefined sets of access control entries (presets) and applying these presets to file system objects. With Permissions Manager user does not need to pick up security principals from the list to assign security settings for a file or folder. It is enough to compose a preset only once and then apply it with a single click.

Normally XP Home does not have permissions editor (like Windows XP Pro), so user have to use console tool cacls.exe. Permissions Manager supplies generic security control dialog (as an option) also.

Another feature is Security Zone management, which is especially useful when you work with files downloaded from the Internet. Permissions Manager allows you to set or remove the Security Zone for several files at once, or do it for all files in folder, recursively.

Permissions Manager is displayed as "Easy Security" tab in file properties.

Version: 2.5(05 Oct 2010) - xphpm-2.5-universal.exe
Support of 64-bit Windows, Security Zone management
Version: 2.4(21 Dec 2008) - xphomepm-2.4-release.msi
Version: 2.3(26 Apr 2008) - xphomepm-2.3-release.msi
Recursive "Take ownership" for Easy Security, minor bugfix
Version: 2.2(18 Feb 2008) - xphomepm-2.2-release.msi
Many bug fixes, new "Take ownership" engine
Version: 2.1(22 Jun 2007) - xphomepm-2.1-release.msi
Easy Security feature added
Version: 2.0(25 Jan 2007) - xphomepm-2.0-release.msi
Full Vista UAC support added, "Effective Permissions" page added
Version: 1.1 - xphomepm-1.1-release.msi

download (xphpm-2.5-universal.exe - 1.07 MB)