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Anuko Time Tracker 1.8

Free, easy to use, open source, web-based work time and expense tracking system.
Publisher: Anuko International Ltd.
Category: Applications
Version: 1.8
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 1.21 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Anuko Time Tracker is an open source, free, web-based work time tracking system, written in PHP. It is simple and very easy to use. It allows you to create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and tasks, input work time, generate reports and invoices and send them via e-mail. The application runs on Unixes, Windows, and Macs. It has three time tracking modes: time only, time by project, and time by project and task. The following plugins allow for extended functionality: charts - for visual diagrams of the time spent on projects and tasks, clients - for allocating time to clients, invoices - for invoicing clients, custom fields - for an additional text or a dropdown custom field to include with each time entry, expenses - to track expense items in addition to work hours. Free hosting of this service is available at in many languages.

Version: 1.8(24 Dec 2014)
Security fixes. LDAP authentication module added. Client role added. Bug fixes and usability improvements. See detailed change log at
Version: Jun 2013) -
Refactoring and maintenance release.
Version: May 2013)
Refactoring. Bug fixes. Performance improvements. Tracking mode introduced to control the way to track time.
Version: Jul 2011)
Performance improvements. Refactoring. Bug fixes.
Version: Oct 2009)
PEAR integrated into distribution to ease-up installation.
Version: Jun 2009) -
Korean, Japanese, Polish translations improved. Version numbering changed to another model where the last large number represents SVN version number. Handling of special characters in passwords added: passwords with magic quotes in PHP and containing special characters ', !, ?, & now work properly.
Version: 1.2.4(10 Jun 2009)
Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations added. Code extended to support additional languages, the older ISO 639 language code is now obsolete. Browser-default option added to determine presentation language. Time duration and large time entries on "my time" page corrected.
Version: 0.9.2(25 Jan 2009)
Czech translation added. Changed database structure update procedure v0.8-v0.9 in dbinstall.php by introducing a default NULL value for user language field (u_lang). This fixes the "unable to create user" problem with current latest MySQL version 5.1.30.
Version: 0.8(18 Dec 2008)
Minor updates to support the latest MySQL, PHP, and Apache. Corrected mysql.sql script (database creation) and some links.
Version: 0.7(19 Jul 2007)
MySQL 5, PHP 5, Apache 2 support, lots of miscellaneous improvements.
Version: 0.6(14 Nov 2006)
Notes section made larger, the entire UI made more readable. Weekly total added onto my time page. Week start day can be defined in language localization files. New projects are assigned to all people and all activities upon creation. Time entry blocking feature is introduced. Other improvements.
Version: 0.5

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