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Work Examiner Standard 2.4.381

Software for Computer and Internet Usage Tracking and Monitoring
Publisher: ???????
Category: Project Management
Version: 2.4.381
License: shareware
Cost: 45$
Size: 21.55 MB
Updated: 12 Apr 2011
Work Examiner Computer Monitoring tools for pc monitoring and internet monitoring. Get our computer and internet monitoring for tracking employees' activities, generating detailed reports, locking/unlocking separate applications or websites. Work examiner computer monitoring software is not a spyware and doesn't monitor keyboard strokes or give screenshots. It gives you an account of the time of working of specific applications like games software, IM software or your employees visiting shopping sites, pornographic sites or other unproductive practices. You can block selected applications or internet resources for set periods of times. Computer monitoring; remote monitoring allows you to monitor the activities going on in your corporate network over internet. You can check back to your corporate network from wherever you are. Work examiner computer monitoring allows you to implement efficient workflow system and performance-reward programs to further boost the productivity of your employees. Computer monitoring software is installed over corporate network and your employees will not quickly identify the presence of such a program. This computer monitoring tool is easy to install and starts showing reports immediately after installation. Computer monitoring tool however is installed after notifying employees about the change and clearly stating it to new employees. An internet monitoring software was never this easy to use or cheap to afford. This internet monitoring tool becomes essential for every business houses, because the management will be responsible if banned content (child pornography, hate speech, pirated software or music) is found in a computer of the corporate network. You can take preventive measures before your company is put on the spot. Enhance your productivity with us!

Version: 2.4.381(30 Oct 2010)
-client memory leak fix
-chrome 7.0 support
-enhanced web filter
-other minor fixes
Version: 2.3.379(12 May 2010)
new: 64bit OS support
new: web filter driver
new: pending delete objects for WE Professional
new: multithread clear database
fixed: real-time info issues on multiple user sessions of the client PC
Version: 2.2.378(03 Feb 2010)
fixed: client auto update bugfix (after local install)
new: North American paper sizes support
new: run wemon under user account
other minor fixes
Version: 2.2.374(15 Jul 2009)
fixed: client auto update bugfix (after local install)
new: North American paper sizes support
new: run wemon under user account
other minor fixes
Version: 2.1.337(23 Nov 2007) -
new DB Engine
30 different reports
Version: 1.6.215(12 Feb 2007)
fixed: get url mechanism
fixed: terminal server solution request message
fixed: double client (wemon) start
fixed: nod32 false message for wemsrv.exe
fixed: size decreased
fixed: 'range check error' when sorting in the report tree
Version: 1.6(01 Dec 2006) -
fixed: friendly user name 'hWnd=0'
fixed: web activity hours pie - incorrect hour labels
added: new client connection failed message
added: enable\empty raw logs messages in trees
added: enable raw log
Version: 1.5 - WE_Server.exe

download ( - 21.55 MB)