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Win Mail Backup 3.0.1

Windows Mail & Windows Live Mail - Backup, Restore and Synchronize Utility
Publisher: Inc
Category: E-mail
Version: 3.0.1
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 6.25 MB
Updated: 24 Jan 2016
Win Mail Backup (WMB) is a descendant of "Express Assist" - the original and the premier "Backup and Restore" utility for Windows Live Mail (WLM) or Windows Mail (WM).

WMB has features not found in any other Windows Mail / Windows Live Mail backup utility including: Search for and view messages in the backup without restoring; Find and view messages in the backup not currently in WLM or WM; Restore lost messages without losing the current mail folders; Retrieve messages as text or EML (mail) files; Backup and restore IE favorites, cookies and offLine web folders in addition to WLM or WM data; backup and restore WLM/WM message rules, mail accounts, and critical registry settings.

WMB will assist with the transfer of mail from WM or WLM from one machine to another. WLM can also transfer WLM data from XP to Vista machines (and vice/versa).

WMB includes a backup and restore of "My Documents", the Desktop, as well as the Firefox browser data.

WMB is designed for all levels of user. The novice will find the WMB wizard interface simple but powerful, while the advanced user will appreciate the built-in scheduler. The program includes a "Live Update" function to ensure that you always have the latest version of the software. WMB supports Windows Mail 7, Windows Live Mail and it works on Windows Vista or XP systems.

Version: 3.0.1(21 Dec 2012) - wmb3setup.exe
Minor Upgrade: *** Added support for Windows 8
Version: 2.1.1(13 Feb 2011)
Minor Upgrade:

** Corrected a problem with locating current contacts data base for Windows Live Mail
Version: 2.0.0(10 Jan 2010) - wmb2setup.exe
Major upgrade for Windows Mail 2
** Full Windows 7 Support
** Added support for Windows Live Contacts
** Added support for Windows Live Calendar
** Added support fo Google Chrome
** Enhanced support for Internet Explorer 8
Version: 1.7.0(01 Sep 2008)
Modification for DEP on Vista
Version: 1.6.6

download (wmb3setup.exe - 6.25 MB)