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Webcam Surveyor 3.3.5

Webcam Surveyor is complete video surveillance solution.
Publisher: El Software Solutions
Category: Tools & Utilities
Version: 3.3.5
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 3.13 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Webcam Surveyor is complete software that combines video surveillance and video capture tools. With this software you can record all video activity, work as a motion detector, program alerts to be trigged by events (send a e-mail or upload images to FTP site when detects a movement). This makes it possible for you to observe remotely whatever activity your camera captures. The built-in file browser allows to easily organizing captured images and video clips. Webcam Surveyor is supported video and audio codec's like: MJpeg, DivX, Mpeg-4 and MPEG Layer 3 (MP3), WMAudio Encoder (WMA). With Webcam Surveyor you can capture sequence of images with an interval of time of a second to 59 hours.

Version: 3.3.5(08 Dec 2015)
Improved video rendering in Windows 10;
Improved capture engine;
Fixed compatibility issue for some webcams;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 3.2.5(22 Jun 2015)
Improved stealth mode;
Minor improvements in video broadcasting;
Fixed bug in broadcasting when the maximum number of simultaneous connections is only 5.
Fixed minor bug in power management on xp and vista.
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 3.1.1(19 Feb 2015)
Improved motion detection performance;
Improved video capture and audio recording;
Updated languages pack (added Chinese Simplified language);
Minor improvements;
Version: 2.4.0(23 Jan 2014)
Added: Automatically generate HTML code of embedded web player
Added: Auto detects public IP address in broadcasting
Added: Refresh button for streaming connection information
New HD broadcasting profiles
Improved video streaming
Fixed a bug that prevent Windows shout down on some systems
Version: 2.3.1(17 Dec 2013)
Fixed compatibility issue in Windows XP;
Minor improvements in motion detection algorithm;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 2.3.0(14 Nov 2013)
Improved video capture;
Added support for Windows blocked and sleep mode. Now the application can resume all activities after exiting from the sleep mode.
Added support for 3ivx codecs.
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 2.2.5(12 Sep 2013)
Improved video and audio streaming;
Optimized broadcasting profiles for mobile devices;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 2.1.5(19 Apr 2013)
Fixed a compatibility issue in Windows 8;
Improved audio capture;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 2.1.0(27 Oct 2012)
Fixed bug which produce "Division by zero" message on some systems.
Improved and optimized video capture;
Improved Windows 8 support;
A lot of other minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.9.2(20 Apr 2011)
Stealth mode operations improved;
Minor fixes in Scheduler;
A lot of minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 2.0.6(20 Sep 2012)
New streaming profiles with 16:9 video resolutions;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.9.2(20 Apr 2011)
Stealth mode operations improved;
Minor fixes in Scheduler;
A lot of minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 2.0.1(04 Jul 2012)
Fixed a compatibility issue with the new Nvidia drivers;
Improved video streaming;
Minor fixes;
Version: 1.9.8(16 Mar 2012)
Improved video and audio capture;
Improved scheduler;
Fixed bug in FTP alert client;
A lot of other minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.9.7(03 Dec 2011)
New: Always on top feature;
Improved Stealth mode;
Web update bug fixed;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.9.6(24 Oct 2011)
Stealth mode update: Now the Webcam Surveyor is completely invisible at startup.
New: Capture video when Windows is locked.
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.9.5(14 Aug 2011)
Added: Taskbar control buttons in Windows 7;
Added: Start video recording when Webcam Surveyor is startup;
Added: Automatic update check;
Fixed bug in Camera controls;
A lot of other minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.9.2(20 Apr 2011)
Stealth mode operations improved;
Minor fixes in Scheduler;
A lot of minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.9.1(19 Feb 2011)
Added SSL connections support for eMail Alert;
New themed user interface;
A lot of minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.9.0(24 Dec 2010)
Added: Capture to multiple files feature;
Added: Video recording in stealth mode feature;
Added: Video recording, Email alert and FTP alert actions in scheduler.
Improved: Video capture and device connection;
Improved: Video and audio synchronization in video capture;
Version: 1.8.1(15 Sep 2010)
Added support for ffdshow Video Codec;
Fixed compatibility issue with some Logitech web cameras;
Improved motion capture;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.8.0(28 May 2010)
Improved support for Windows 7 and Vista; Improved latest DivX video codec support; Updated languages pack (added French, Spainish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew, Romanian languages) ; A lot of other minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.7.5(20 Dec 2007)
Added codec auto selection feature, now Webcam Surveyor automatically select best codec in first start.
Added support for DivX® 6.8 Codec;
Updated languages pack (added Finnish language) ;
Fixed startup access violation bug.
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.7.3(20 Oct 2007)
Improved email alert settings;
Added FTP streaming option;
File browser bugs fixed;
A lot of other minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.6.1(26 Jun 2007)
Added support for DivX® 6.6 Codec;
Improved Scheduler option;
Optimize memory usage;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.5.7(20 Apr 2007)
Added support for DivX® 6.5.1 Codec;
Added support for ACDV 2.0.1 Codec;
Otimized Motion Detection;
Updated documentation;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.5.6(14 Mar 2007)
Added motion capture delay option;
Added support for XviD 1.1.2 codec;
Improved FTP and email alerts;
Added new test settings dialog for FTP and email;
Added: Enable Stealth Mode for next start option;
Fixed problem with image sequence capture;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.5.5(09 Feb 2007)
Improved camera profiles support;
A lot of other minor fixes and improvements;
Version: 1.5.4(13 Dec 2006)
Added: Store Images in AVI file option in Image Sequence. Now you can create AVI video file in the sequence of images.
Fixed problem with audio compression;
Improved Motion Capture option;
Minor bugs fixed;
Version: 1.4.0

download (WebcamSurveyor-setup.exe - 3.13 MB)