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Web Invoice 9.5

Your Web Based Invoicing and Helpdesk Solution license plans
Publisher: M-Tech Digital
Category: Business
Version: 9.5
License: demo
Cost: 50$
Size: 18.96 MB
Updated: 18 Jul 2013
Software that has been designed from the ground up

* Web Invoice is a WEB BASED Invoicing, Billing and Helpdesk solution which is designed to manage any service business that may require Invoicing of parts, labor and Time Tracking.
* It is written in PHP, which means It is portable and can be installed onto Most web servers.
* No matter if your PC or Server is Based on Windows or Linux, It will function and perform 100%.
* If you'd like to run Web Invoice on a normal Windows PC, simply download the Windows installation version and you'll be up and running within a minute.

Some advanced features include:

*Web Based: Being web Based ensures easy access to the central Database from where ever you are.
This is Especially helpful for quick on-site invoicing, which speeds up payment

*Keep Track of your Customers and End-Users in an IT Help Desk Environment, Create Invoices, Service Requests, Schedule Appointment, Manage Inventory and more for your Service Oriented Business!

*Help desk: Create Service requests via pop3 incoming Email or end-user login.

*End-User Options: End-Users and Customers can view Estimates, Invoices, View and Create Service requests, Estimates as well as Appointments.

*Management of Workers: Full Management of employees Comission based workers working out on the field or in house.

*4 Level Security Privileges:Enables users to be either Administrator

System Requirements:
*P4 or Equivalent And Higher
*256MB RAM or higher on Freebsd/Linux, 512MB RAM or higher for windows XP, 1GB or higher for Windows 7
*200MB MAX Hard Disk Space for Web Invoice plus Web Server/Database
*Windows 2000 PRO / 2000 Server,2003 Server, XP, Vista, 7
*Firefox 4 or higher, Safari, Google Chrome, Ie8 or higher

Script-Only Version Requirements:
Any Linux Flavor supporting MySQL & Apache/PHP, Windows 2000 PRO / 2000 Server,2003 Server, XP, Vista, 7
*Mysql 4.0, 4.1, 5.x
*PHP 4.x, 5.x
*APACHE 1.x 2.x, IIS
*Modules: Ioncube loader, php_mbstring, php_mysql, *php_ldap, php_curl, php_GD

Version: 9.5(03 Jul 2011)
*Web Invoice 9.5 Adds VoIP Phone Integration, Phone Blasting and Appointment Reminder Message Service, Barcode Printing, Brand New User Interface, Customer Photo insert options in Customer Directory, Customer Groups and More!
Also, A full shopping cart system for your current website which can integrate into Web Invoice
Version: 9.3(03 Jul 2011)
Full POS and Shopping Cart System
*Web Invoice 9.3 will turn your Invoicing software into a full blown POS System, This allows you to make everyday POS transactions for your service center or store.
Also, A full shopping cart system for your current website which can integrate into Web Invoice
Version: 9.1

download (install.exe - 18.96 MB)