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vPerformer 4.1

vPerformer is a cloud enabled web performance and load testing tool
Publisher: Verisium, Inc.
Category: Debugging
Version: 4.1
License: demo
Cost: 995$
Size: 9.69 MB
Updated: 17 Aug 2009
vPerformer is a cloud enabled web performance and load testing tool that can be used to assess the performance and scalability of your web applications. vPerformer allows you to evaluate the response of your web application when it is concurrently accessed by a large number of virtual users. You can measure the performance characteristics of your application by recording and replaying automated load testing scripts that simulate a large number of concurrent virtual users. These scripts can be replayed either on your own servers or in the cloud.

vPerformer allows you to quickly generate large scale virtual loads in the cloud. This permits you to easily run load testing scripts with tens of thousands of virtual users. The vPerformer Cloud allows you to generate traffic from all around the globe resulting in a more realistic virtual user load.

vPerformer also enables you to monitor the state of any associated external component that influences the behavior of your application. These components include operating systems, web servers, application servers, database servers, network devices, and SNMP implementations of various vendors. This allows you to identify performance bottlenecks and pinpoint the source of the performance problem.

* An easy to use graphical user interface that can record web transactions based on user GUI interactions.
* Does not require a programming background. For users who wish to program their load testing scripts, vPerformer utilizes the industry standard JavaScript language.
* vPerformer is capable of simulating a large number of virtual users while placing a negligible load of its own on the hardware.
* Instantly utilize load servers in the cloud enabling you to save both time and money.
* Develop parameterized, data-driven, reusable load testing scripts.
* Multiple machines can be utilized as replay agents with a single point of control.

Version: 4.1(26 Aug 2012)
Enhanced user interface
Cloud Load Testing
Proxy Support
Batch Execution
Version: 3.1(08 Apr 2012)
Performance Enhancements
Version: 3.0(26 Nov 2011)
IE 9 support. Performance Enhancements
Version: 2.2(17 May 2010)
Performance Enhancements
Version: 2.1(27 Apr 2009)
Version: 2.0(24 Aug 2008)
Version: 1.0

download (vpsetup.exe - 9.69 MB)