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Visual Tarot Professional Program 15.4.16

VISUAL TAROT is professional program for Tarot, Lenormand, Runes and Psycards
Publisher: Aleksey Lapshin (Lapshins, Inc.)
Category: Home/Hobby
Version: 15.4.16
License: shareware
Cost: 29$
Size: 18.73 MB
Updated: 24 Jan 2016
Some features of Visual Tarot:

FOUR DIFFERENT PROGRAMS based on Visual Tarot Engine:

1. Professional Edition (for Tarot and Osho Zen Cards)
2. Lenormand Edition (for Lenormand Cards and any 36(37)-card decks)
3. Runes Edition (for Runes and any 24(25)-item oracles)
4. Psycards Edition (for Psycards)

Free LIFETIME updates, editions, add-ons: spreads, decks, oracles, language packs

- Unlimited decks and other oracles (create your own with the Decks Creator)
- Unlimited spreads (create your own with the Spreads Manager)
- Use different interpretations of the cards in the spreads at one time
- View your spreads with different decks, compare the cards and interpretations
- Powerful Card Titles and Card Meanings Managers. Create and edit the interpretations
- Create and edit the spreads using the Visual Designer
- Name, save, print and share the spreads and interpretations!
- Make screenshots of the spreads and readings at one click of the mouse!
- Export(save) the 'Reading Report' in RTF (MS Word and Open Office compatible file format) and HTML formats
- Fully customizable windows interfaces and Card Table Layout
- Use 78(79) cards or only Trumps (22 cards), only Minor Arcans (56 cards), only court cards or select by suits
- Use 36(37)-card decks (e.g. Lenormand Cards)
- Use one or more Blank cards (empty cards) as you like
- Use predefined % of the Reversed Cards or do not use it at all
- Repeat the Cards (this feauture is for Time-Line Spreads)
- Compare the Cards and its Meanings (for researching and meditation)
- Many Extras (spreads, decks, books, etc) are available for download
- and many more...

Version: 15.4.16(16 Apr 2015)
Version: 13.3.14(14 Mar 2013)
Version: 12.6.9(09 Jun 2012)
Version: 11.11.7(07 Oct 2011) - VisualTarot.exe
Version: 10.6.30(30 Jun 2010) - VisualTarot-2010.exe
Version: 9.6.25(25 Jun 2009)
"Tarot Decks Creator" has been added
Version: 9.4.22(22 Apr 2009)
"Tarot Decks Creator" has been added
Version: 9.2.9(09 Feb 2009) - VisualTarot-2009.exe
"Tarot Decks Creator" has been added
Version: 9.1.21(21 Jan 2009) - VisualTarot-9.1.21.exe
Version: 9.1.2(02 Jan 2009) - VisualTarot-9.1.2.exe
Version: 8.12.1 - VisualTarot-8.12.1.exe

download (VisualTarot.exe - 18.73 MB)