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Vectorizer. Raster to vector conversion software.

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Vextractor 5.70

Vectorizer. Raster to vector conversion software.
Publisher: VextraSoft
Category: CAD
Version: 5.70
License: shareware
Cost: 99.95$
Size: 3.86 MB
Updated: 19 Sep 2011
Vextractor is a vectorizer program for transforming raster images into vector formats by building centerlines and outlines. This tool could be used for the vectorizing photo, logotypes and other line art images for use in Vector Graphics Design software. You can also vectorize charts, drawings, maps and schemes for input to CAD or GIS systems.
Main features of Vextractor:
Input raster formats: BMP, GIF, TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, PNG, RAS, PBM, PGM, PPM, WBMP, ICO;
Output format for vector information: AutoCAD DXF, DXB, HPGL, WMF, EMF, ArcView Shapefiles, MapInfo MID/MIF, ASCII XYZ, Scalable Vector Graphic - SVG, Encapsulated PostScript - EPS, Adobe Illustrator - AI, ILDA Image Data Transfer Format;
Create centerlines and outlines;
Recognize splines, ortholines, arcs and circles;
Built-in vector editor;
Image filtration and palette transformation for raster to vector conversion;
TWAIN32-compatible scanner support;
Coordinate referencing for CAD and GIS;
Input Z-values (elevation) for GIS.

Version: 5.70(13 Jun 2011) - vextr570demo.exe
Added new vector operation: move co-located points.
Outline vectorization algorithm was modified.
Version: 5.60(05 May 2011) - vextr560demo.exe
Added output to HPGL vector format.
Version: 5.50(03 Feb 2011) - vextr550demo.exe
Fixed bug in XYZ output.
Version: 5.40(09 Nov 2010) - vextr540demo.exe
Added output to HPGL vector format.
Version: 5.30(27 Sep 2010) - vextr530demo.exe
New vector median filter for color images.
Version: 5.20(04 Jul 2010) - vextr520demo.exe
The processing algorithm of the lines intersections was modified.
Version: 5.10(02 Jun 2010) - vextr510demo.exe
More effective contour gaps removing for centerline vectorization mode.
Line width attribute added to Shapefiles vector output.
Vector formats options now be visible by default.
Some minor bugs fixed in vector editor.
Version: 5.00(10 Apr 2010) - vextr500demo.exe
Color reduction algorithm was rebuild from scratch.
Added new option in color reduction for smoothing the image.
Version: 4.91(22 Mar 2010) - vextr491demo.exe
Fixed bug in palette which occurred on large images
SVG header changed for more compatibility with standard
Version: 4.90(24 Feb 2010) - vextr490demo.exe
New vector operations: move and clone vector objects.
Version: 4.80(08 Jan 2010) - vextr480demo.exe
Significantly improved palette transformation.
Enhanced batch processing for color images.
Version: 4.70(19 Oct 2009)
Added new raster conversion method - adaptive threshold for making a black-and-white images.
Version: 4.61(11 Sep 2009)
Version: 4.60(28 May 2009)
New outline splines creation method with sharp corner recognition.
Work for monochrome and palette images.
Version: 4.51(17 Apr 2009)
Fixed bug in photo vectorization for 8bpp palette images.
New command line options: morphological filters erode/dilate/opening/closing.
Some minor bugs fixed.
Version: 4.50(28 Mar 2009)
Smart trace algorithm was modified for better processing of line crossings.
Now contour smoothing will be adaptive to line width.
Version: 4.40(01 Mar 2009)
Drawing and map vectorization has been significantly improved. Now you can get better results on very noised images.
Version: 4.20(21 Nov 2008)
Centerline vectorization was speeded up.
Version: 4.12(19 Oct 2008)
Solved a problem with 64bit OS compatibility (Windows XP/Vista x64).
Version: 4.11(13 Oct 2008)
Fixed bug in EPS and AI output. Image resolution was wrong after conversion to black-and-white pallete.
Version: 4.10(26 Sep 2008)
Photo vectorization and image segmentation algorithms was modified.
Outline vectorization now produce "seamless" polygone output.
Added Smart Blur image filter for raster preprocessing purposes.
Version: 4.00(01 Aug 2008)
Drawing vectorization has been significantly improved. Now vectorization
give a match better results on noised images.
All raster preprocessing algorithms was optimized.
Version: 3.97(24 Jun 2008)
Added French interface.
Version: 3.96(06 Jun 2008)
Added Italian interface.
Version: 3.95(09 May 2008)
Added output to ILDA Image Data Transfer Format.
Version: 3.94(05 Mar 2008)
Added German and Russian interfaces.
Version: 3.80(01 Jun 2007)
Added vectorization wizard.
Version: 3.70(14 Apr 2007)
Added image segmentation algorithm.
Version: 3.61(02 Mar 2007)
Version: 3.60(29 Jan 2007)
Added Gaussian smoothing filter for raster image preprocessing.
Version: 3.50(04 Dec 2006)
User interface was significantlly redesigned and improved
Version: 3.10

download (vextr570demo.exe - 3.86 MB)