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LAN fax/voice messaging software for dial-up modems and Internet telephony
Publisher: Venta Association
Category: Business
License: shareware
Cost: 249$
Size: 12.06 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Venta4Net is a network fax and voice messaging solution based on the same technology as the well-known single-user VentaFax software and can be used on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2008, 2003, 2000 operating systems.

Venta4Net allows sending faxes and voice messages from any networked computer (client) via the server computer through modems or VoIP connections. Single line and multi-line (up to 32 telephone lines!) versions are available.

Venta4Net Plus is an extended network version of the original Venta4Net network software. In addition to all Venta4Net functions, it is capable of receiving tasks from users by email and sending completion reports back to them. Besides, Venta4Net Plus can also work with clients installed on a terminal server.

Four client workstations are supported in the basic installation and can be increased. Each task created by users is transferred to the server and is placed in the schedule. The delivery system processes the schedule and performs the message delivery. Access to the message delivery schedule and logbooks depends on user rights. For privacy purposes, a client may be denied access to view and edit another's scheduled tasks and/or log book records. Received messages (depending on settings) can be addressed to one or several users. User rights determine the actions that a user is allowed to perform when working with the program.

Public (accessible to all users) and personal phonebooks and delivery time masks can be used. The software is compatible with a variety of faxmodems. It supports the additional capabilities of several modems such as caller's number delivery (Caller ID) and distinctive ring service. The time-limited and feature-limited evaluation version of the program is available for testing and studying the interaction between the server and client ends of the program in the local area network as well as for testing the interaction between the program and your faxmodem.

Version: Jan 2016)
1. When using IP telephony now speakerphone mode is automatically enabled while dialing a number without sending a message (and automatically disabled when the call is over), except in the case of real-time message review mode (call screening) being active.

2. ...
Version: Dec 2015)
1. Improved compatibility with Windows 10 (as well as Windows 8 and 8.1). You will now be able to send faxes both from traditional programs (desktop apps) and Windows Store apps (also known as Metro-style apps).

2. ...
Version: Dec 2014)
1. To convert text to speech (TTS), you can now use the new free Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 11 (supporting 26 languages) in addition to Microsoft SAPI 4 and 5.1 platforms.
2. The new VentaFax virtual printer generates fax messages with a "transparent" text layer. Such a message can be easily...
Version: Jan 2014)
1. Added a possibility to save files to a cloud storage in actions after reception and actions after transmission. This enables users to copy received and sent files to Google Drive, SkyDrive and similar services.

... and many more.
Version: Oct 2013)
1. Improved compatibility with MS Excel mode can now be enabled when exporting data as CSV files from the Log Book application.

2. When using IP telephony now:

- DTMF signals can be transmitted as inband DTMF signals and signals compliant with the RFC 2833 standard;
- ...
Version: Sep 2013)
1. Improved compatibility with MS Excel mode can now be enabled when exporting data as CSV files from the Log Book application.

2. When using IP telephony now:

- DTMF signals can be transmitted as inband DTMF signals and signals compliant with the RFC 2833 standard;
- ...
Version: May 2013)
1. Sometimes icon flashing in Windows notification area (system tray) did not stop after opening the LogBook by clicking the icon. Fixed.

2. Data transfer to VoIP servers via non-standard ports (other than 5060 for SIP protocol and 1720 for H.323 protocol) did not work. Fixed.

Version: Apr 2013)
1. Fixed incompatibility with certain Panasonic IP-PBXs that led to false 'line is busy' messages on outgoing calls.

2. Emails could not be sent through certain SMTP servers that used the TLS protocol. Fixed.

3. Fixed a number of minor bugs.
Version: Mar 2013)
1. Fixed a bug in the implementation of the T.38 protocol that led to consistent degradation of the quality of received fax messages when using certain types of VoIP servers.

2. Fax reception didn't work if Cisco CallManager was used. Fixed.


Fixed a number of minor bugs.
Version: Jan 2013)
1. Added a possibility to listen to non-standard SIP and H.323 ports and disable port listening.

2. Fixed the following issues that occurred during the use of Internet telephony:


3. Improved the client-server communication algorithm, which helped improve the program stability.
Version: Aug 2012)
Version 3.0 with Internet telephony (VoIP) support has been released.
Version: Oct 2011)
1. Faster processing of schedules containing a large number of records.

2. Fixed a bug that resulted in no fax message being generated after scanning if the PDF format was selected for outgoing fax messages.

Some minor bugs fixed.
Version: Sep 2011)
1. Added a quick search function to the LogBook, Phonebook and Scheduler applications.

2. The PDF format can now be used for both incoming and outgoing faxes (this possibility is disabled when a cover page is used).

Some minor bugs fixed.
Version: Aug 2011)
1. Fixed the bug that occured when 'Actions after reception' and 'Actions after transmission' rules were created.

2. Fixed the bug that occured in the LogBook when attempting to print a Transmission ticket on the client end PC.

Some minor bugs fixed.
Version: May 2011)
Venta4Net Plus, the extended version of Venta4Net software, is released now along with Venta4Net.
Version: Feb 2011)
1. The context menu of the Message Manager "tree" now has a "Locate on disk" item that opens an Explorer window with the selected file...

And many more...
Version: Dec 2010)
1. Added the "Action after transmission" option. Now the program can send an email notification, print the transmitted fax message or launch a third-party application immediately after completing a fax transmission session.

And many more...
Version: Sep 2010)
The program now supports text recognition (OCR) in fax messages. The feature requires that Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) application (part of MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007) be installed on the system.

You can now export search results from the Scheduler.

And many more...
Version: Aug 2010)
The program now supports text recognition (OCR) in fax messages. The feature requires that Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) application (part of MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007) be installed on the system.

And many more...
Version: Apr 2010)
On the client end it was not possible to delete tasks from the schedule. This has been fixed.

Now exceptions for the Venta4Net server are added automatically to the Windows firewall configuration during the program installation.

Lots of other minor bug fixed.
Version: Mar 2010)
1. This version was tested for meeting all of the technical requirements of Windows 7. Based on test results, the program was designated as compatible with Windows 7.

2. Data backup and restore utilities have been added to the program package.

... and many more.
Version: Sep 2009)
1. It is now possible to create the so-called configurations, i.e. sets of settings for the clients. The user undergoing authorization on the server can be assigned a certain configuration which will be loaded to the client computer.

... and many more.
Version: 2.1(14 Nov 2008)
1. Added an ability to create user categories with specific rights.

2. Log archives are now available on the client system.

3. Added an ability to configure successful transmission receipts.

... and many more.
Version: 1.8(30 May 2007)
New functions have been added.

In all versions:

1. Windows XP x64 and Server 2003 x64 support added.

2. Users can now be grouped.

3. French, Spanish and Italian interface localization files included in the installation archive.

4. And many more...
Version: 1.61(16 Aug 2006)
New functions have been added.

In all versions:

1. It is now possible to edit not only cover pages but also fax headers. Create your own trademark header, and it will be easy for your recipients to pick out your fax from among a multitude of others.

2. Now the header can also be used for faxes transmitted by e-mail.

3. The ability to automatically or manually sort personal folders has been added to Message Manager.

4. A new "Sender" field (for outgoing faxes) has been added to the Log Book.

5. If you often use a telephone calling card when dialing a number, now you can easily change the card by clicking on the Card image in the main application display.

6. New command line options /cp: and /ntX: have been introduced, enabling you to specify a cover page and accompanying text comments.

7. A command line option /ms[-] has been introduced. Launching the program with this option puts the program into ?transmission with manually-established connection? mode. After launching with such an option any printing to the VENTAFAX printer will result in fax transmission, as with fax transmission in manual mode without dialing a number, but without the display of additional dialog windows.

8. A new command line option /pr: has been added which establishes starting priority for tasks entered in the schedule.

9. It is now possible to use not only digits (telephone numbers) but also text when filtering lists. In this case the entered text will be compared against the Caller ID Name of the incoming call.

10. A new "Pages" field has been introduced to the Scheduler, which displays the number of transmitted pages of a fax (disabled by default).

In Multi-Line versions:

1. Easy line-selection capability when transmitting in automatic mode has been added to the Message Wizard.
Version: 1.6

download (v4n_trial.exe - 12.06 MB)