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valodas 1.72

Enjoy foreign language learning with free language learning software valodas!
Publisher: valodas
Category: Education
Version: 1.72
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 2.41 MB
Updated: 12 Jun 2013
Enjoy foreign language learning with valodas. valodas is a software with a very simple, but well designed user interface that helps you learn a language.

Learn various foreign languages English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, whatever language you choose, valodas is the perfect software to get you started. Any language from anywhere in the world can be learned with the valodas language learning software.

The learning will be much easier if you have a real interest in the material that you work on. Create your own word groups to keep you up to speed on the words you need. Each group of words belongs to a movie or book, so when you've learned the group of words, you can watch the movie or read the book and understand it in foreign language. Each vocabulary can be broken up into smaller sets of flexible size, giving you a word list that you can manage. You can track your progress and find the areas where you need the most focus.

valodas has many learning methods like Speed Learning, Flash Cards, Memory Games, Spelling, Multi-Choice, where you should select correct meaning or word from multiple choices. The list of words is generated dynamically, so each test is unique. Language learning software has audio output by a native speaker and displays pronunciation respelling.

The interface is multilingual and valodas is available in your native language or you can help to translate user interface.

More than 200 ready to use dictionaries may be downloaded at the developer's website. Don't forget to download dictionaries to start learning!

Learning any foreign language can be challenging and valodas will help the user make the most of that time and effort!

Version: 1.72(12 Mar 2012)
Fixed font size in Windows 7
Version: 1.71(10 Jul 2011)
Fixed refresh in Games section
Version: 1.6(16 May 2010)
New game Hangman, Sound menu item, Word in clipboard, Foreign word wrap, Expressions improved
Version: 1.5(18 Feb 2009)
New game Catchwords, changable font size in Learn and Cards
Version: 1.41

download (download.php?valodasSetup.exe - 2.41 MB)