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TuneJack 6.2.3

iPod utility to easily and safely transfer songs off an iPod to your PC / iTunes
Publisher: Purple Ghost Software, Inc.
Category: Audio and MP3
Version: 6.2.3
License: commercial
Cost: 14.99$
Size: 2.18 MB
Updated: 24 Mar 2015
TuneJack is a very easy to use iPod utility to recover songs off your iPod. It is has one purpose in life and it does it's job well. It walks you right through the process. You simply start up TuneJack and wait for it to tell you to connect your iPod. You connect your iPod and TuneJack will detect that the iPod has been connected and then allow you to click a single button to start the process. When the button is clicked, TuneJack will go about its business. It will copy any songs that are on the iPod to your PC. If you tell it to transfer songs to iTunes, it will only copy songs that are not already in iTunes. It will also copy over any playlists that are on the iPod and not in iTunes as well as update existing iTunes playlists with any new songs copied over from the iPod that should be part of those playlists.

Version: 6.2.3(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack6230.exe
Updated to fix possible errors when using iTunes 11.1.3 and later
Version: 6.2.1(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack6210.exe
Updated playlist transfer function to help resolve errors some people were having
Version: 6.1(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack6100.exe
Updated to fix error with iOS 6 devices
Version: 6.0(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack6000.exe
Added "Super Rescue Tracks" fefature
Version: 5.5.2(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5520.exe
Updated to fix minor bugs
Version: 5.5.1(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5510.exe
Updated to work with iOS 5 devices and to fix possible errors when transferring ringtones from an iPhone to iTunes
Version: 5.4.2(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5420.exe
Version: 5.3(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5300.exe
Updated to work with iTunes 10.1
Version: 5.2(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5200.exe
Updated to work with iTunes 9.1
Version: 5.1.1(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5110.exe
Updated to no longer require it to be run in Admin mode to detect some iPods
Version: 5.1(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5100.exe
Updated to fix problem which could cause some iPhones to not be detected
Version: 5.0(25 Sep 2005) - TuneJack5000.exe
Updated for iTunes 9 and new iPod nano 5G
Version: 4.0.2(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack4020.exe
Updated to work with jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches running 3.0 firmware
Version: 4.0.1(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack4010.exe
Bug fix to fix issue with iPhone firmware pre-3.0
Version: 3.3.1(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack3310.exe
Updated to with iTunes 8
Version: 3.3(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack3300.exe
Updated to work with jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches running 1.1.4 firmware
Version: 3.2(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack3200.exe
Updated to work with the new iTunes for 64-bit Vista
Version: 3.1(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack3100.exe
Additional song information now transferred from iPod to iTunes including start/stop time, shuffle skip, and more
Version: 2.3(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack2300.exe
Version: 2.2(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack2200.exe
Updated to account for changes in iTunes 7.1.
Version: 2.0(25 Sep 2005) - tunejack2000.exe
Updated to use Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Version: 1.0.2 - pgstj.exe

download (TuneJack6230.exe - 2.18 MB)