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Total Network Inventory 2.0.1

Build a hassle-free network inventory remotely!
Publisher: Softinventive Lab
Category: Internet
Version: 2.0.1
License: shareware
Cost: 140$
Size: 7.06 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Build an inventory of your entire network without leaving a chair! Total Network Inventory will scan your entire network, query all servers, workstations and appliances discovered, and record important information about every piece of hardware found on your network. Create a perfect, effortless, hassle-free inventory. The network inventory builder is able to query all network devices no matter how large or diverse your network is!

Do you know the number of workstations still running Windows 95 or missing the latest updates? Total Network Inventory obtains essential information about each and every computer on your network in real-time including information on all service packs and hotfixes applied. The network inventory builder will store and organize information, providing you with a comprehensive report on a chosen subject in just a few clicks. With Total Network Inventory, all information about your network equipment is right at your fingertips!

Have a budget to spend on hardware upgrades? With Total Network Inventory, it's easy to figure out the oldest computers on your network. Just run Total Network Inventory, let it scan your network, and click to generate a comprehensive network inventory report detailing equipment used in each and every PC on the LAN. Click once more, and you'll see the oldest PCs appear on top of the list. It's just that simple!

Total Network Inventory can scan your entire network remotely, without you having to leave a chair or installing anything onto the PCs being scanned. Using Total Network Inventory is safe and secure; no data will ever leave corporate premises.

Thanks to the step-by-step Scan Wizards, scanning your entire LAN to make a network inventory is as easy as clicking "Next". Detailed reports are easy to create and a breathe to read, providing important information about your network inventory presented in a simple way.

Version: 2.0.1(27 Jul 2011)
Version: 2.2.1(02 Apr 2013)
Scan scheduler improvement: Asynchronous Discovery Engine.
Version: 2.0.6(18 May 2012)
Portuguese locale added. New Software installations report, new storage assistants, 64-bit scanner for Linux minor fixes & improvements.
Version: 2.0.5(29 Mar 2012)
Network Inventory Export of table reports to XLSX format (Excel 2007 and newer), some fixes.
Version: 2.0.4(21 Oct 2011)
Manual assets adding.
Version: 1.6.8(31 Mar 2010)
Added: support for antiviruses detection in Windows 7, new custom report fields and much more to inventory your network.
Version: 1.6.7(30 Dec 2008)
Added: New custom report fields 'Number of vide adapters' and 'Number of monitors' in 'General information' section. New tabular detailed reports - network adapters, printers and four reports on computer storage system etc.
Version: 1.6.6(31 Oct 2008)
Added: Alerts for disabled antiviruses, outdated service packs, low disk space etc., possibility to create more than one custom tabular report template, detailed tabular report for installed software, search of computers in reports with right-click on computer in the network tree.
Version: 1.6.5(22 Aug 2008)
Added: Printable reports in two formats - A4 and Letter.
Added: A number of new export options for printable reports.
Added: An option to scan only new computers in Scan Wizard.
Added: Multiple monitors and video adapters are inventoried.
Version: 1.6.0(20 Feb 2008)
Added: Inventory of SNMP-enabled network devices (routers, printers, managed switches, etc). Italian language for interface and user manual. Different icons for different types of nodes in the tree (workstations, servers, laptops, network devices). Checking of online/offline.
Version: 1.5.38(09 Apr 2007)
Added: Multilanguage support for interface and reports, russian translation for interface and reports, software installations count report.
Version: 1.5.37(23 Feb 2007)
Custom information fields, detection of multicored/hyperthreaded processors, domain role detection, installed software filter, user accounts filter, domain names handling improved.
Version: 1.5.36(19 Jan 2007)
New firewall-friedly remote computer connection method, requiring only administrator access to IPC$ and ADMIN$., Improper memory slots usage information in system memory category, Improper characted set in some fields of report forms, In Scan Wizard, IP range list now saved and loaded automatically.
Version: 1.5

download (tni-setup.exe - 7.06 MB)