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TextBlue Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing software, Advertise directly to mobile phones.
Publisher: TextBlue Limited
Category: Business
License: shareware
Cost: 135$
Size: 4.53 MB
Updated: 06 Sep 2015
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Software, This fantastic software can be used to send advertising messages directly to Mobile or Cell Phones that are in range. Simply install the software onto your Laptop or PC and press start, the software automatically searches for phones in range and sends your advertising message,advertise to all mobile phones with Bluetooth enabled that are in range. Any files can be sent including Pictures (JPEG), Music (MP3) , Video (3GP), Java applications (JAR), Text (TXT), Business Card (vCard) , Calender Reminder (vCal) and More. Sending is automatic and Free and requires no pairing.

Many organisations can benefit from Bluetooth Advertising Software including Car Dealerships (Send your business card to people on the forecourt), Taxi Companies (Send your number out all day as you drive around), Estate Agents (Send house details and contact details out), Police (Send pictures of missing people, crime scenes, calls for witnesses), Trade Shows (Send company details out to visitors) and many other organisations can benefit.

Version: Dec 2012)
Bluetooth 2.1 Pairing (Secure Simple Pairing)
Version: Feb 2012)
Bluetooth 2.1 Pairing (Secure Simple Pairing)
Version: Aug 2011)
Bluetooth 2.1 Pairing (Secure Simple Pairing)
Version: Jun 2010)
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download (TextBlueSetup.exe - 4.53 MB)