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Talisman Desktop 3.4

Desktop Manager and Shell Replacement for Windows
Publisher: Lighttek Software
Category: Authoring Tools
Version: 3.4
License: shareware
Cost: 25$
Size: 10.89 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Talisman Desktop is a desktop manager and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. The program lets users design their own desktops and interfaces or choose from hundreds of downloadable themes, which work either atop or as complete replacements for the default Windows shell.
Unlike Windows themes, Talisman Desktop lets you completely customize the Windows interface. Its power extends from adding new toolbars to designing a brand-new desktop with any combination of drop-down menus, buttons and panels.
The program allows any number of fixed or free-moving icons, buttons, or other objects that launch programs, Web sites, or internal shell commands; HTML and Flash objects; a customizable taskbar, system tray, calendar, clock; and customizable Start, folder, and task menus, as well as a powerful script language and plugins. Originally created for home users who enjoy outdoing the Mac OS or "Longhorn" designers, Talisman has also been adopted as a front-end interface for public and corporate PCs and kiosks.
Currently, there are over 1000 customizable themes (interfaces) that can be used for personal PCs, standardized corporate desktops, car PCs, Home Theater and MediaCenter interfaces, touch-screen computers, protected interfaces for museums, libraries and other organization.

Version: 3.4(15 Aug 2011)
- New LMedia plugin to play Video,Audio files and DVD.
- Dragging buttons and list items in "topforms".
- Edit option for "Common lists" in Object Editor.
- Smoothed fonts and "Opacity" option for all text objects and labels.
- Opacity option for clock.
- Other changes and corrections.
Version: 3.3(01 Apr 2011)
Updated Talisman Tray.
Added Sound icon in Talisman Tray.
Added Power icon in Talisman Tray.
Added dragging files on List objects in "Top forms".
New "Gradient" option for menus.
New "Scroll by Mouse Wheel" option for List objects.
Updated "Themes submenu".
Fixed bug in autostart procedure.
Version: 3.21(31 May 2010)
- 256x256 icons support
- New "Hot Zone" object
- New "Common Lists" option for List objects
- New "Show hints" option for List objects
- New options for HTML objects
- New options for "Form" objects
- New commands
- Fixed startup bug (UAC error message)
- Other changes, bug fixes
Version: 3.2(17 May 2010)
- 256x256 icons support
- New "Hot Zone" object
- New "Common Lists" option for List objects
- New "Show hints" option for List objects
- New "Show/Hide Border, Popup Menu" options for HTML objects
- New options for "Form" objects
- New commands
- Other changes and bug fixes
Version: 3.1(15 Dec 2009)
- Windows 7 support
- Creating any number of independent windows
- New commands: showwindow, closewindow and other
- New wallpaper effects for Windows
- New "scrolling" effects for forms
- New themes
- Other changes and bug fixes
Version: 3.0(17 Dec 2008)
- Updated Button object.
- New button file format - TBTN.
- Updated Calendar object.
- Updated AClock object.
- New "Add/Edit Item" dialog for List object.
- New "Theme Manager 3.0".
- New options for desktop wallpapers.
- New "Button Click delay" option.
- Other changes and bug fixes.
Version: 2.99(19 Mar 2007)
- Windows Vista support
- New "Theme Manager 3.0 beta"
- New TSHAPE 3.0 format for alpha-blended Shape objects
- New "Resize" function for Shape objects
- Antialiased arrows in AClock object
- "Create new object" dialog window
- Other changes and bug fixes
Version: 2.98

download ( - 10.89 MB)