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Surfstats Log Analyzer 2014.4.1

Generates Website Analytics and Conversion Tracking reports from log files.
Publisher: SurfStats Software cc.
Category: Internet
Version: 2014.4.1
License: shareware
Cost: 45$
Size: 45.13 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
SurfStats Website Website Analytics generates Website Analytics and Conversion Tracking reports from log files. Reports can be generated in various languages with output to screen, file directory, ftp or email. It supports most common log file formats with automatic log file format and compressed format detection. It comes with all the necessary tools designed to automate and simplify log file analyzing like a Fast Reporting mode, an Interactive Reporting mode, a Report Viewer and Printer, a FTP Client, a Task Scheduler, DNS Lookup, Report E-mailer, Filter Control Panel for dynamic filtering on dates, visitors, referrers and files, a File Viewer for displaying, searching and printing of log files, a Report Theme Editor to change logos, backgrounds, fonts and colors on reports, a search engine ranking tool and a Language Editor to modify language phrases on reports. The program is 5-Star rated by Tucows, 5-Star Shareware, SoftJam, Slaugterhouse, The File Transit, Sina, Bill's Software Picks, Hispavista, JDNet, Softland India, Softlandmark SoftList, Paul's Picks, WebAttack and Softwareseeker. The 30-day trial can run as the Standard, Professional or Enterprise Edition. The Professional and Enterprise editions have Click Fraud Detection reports. The Enterprise edition has eCommerce reporting and can also analyze media log files.

Version: 2014.4.1(14 Apr 2014)
Updated browser user agents in reports
Updated platforms in reports
Various maintenance enhancements
Version: 2013.5.1(13 May 2013)
Improved PDF report output
Version: 2012.6.1(17 Jul 2012)
Improved PDF report output
Version: 2011.9.1(12 Sep 2011)
Updated mobille browser report. Various maintenance enhancements. . .
Version: 2011.8.2(27 Aug 2011)
Updated mobille browser report. Various maintenance enhancements. . .
Version: 2011.8.1(11 Aug 2011)
Updated mobille browser report. Various maintenance enhancements. . .
Version: 2011.1.1(01 Feb 2011)
Fixed the installation program to install on the latest Microsoft server products as well as support for Microsoft latest security . updates. . Improved the installation process. . Updated user platform reporting. . Various maintenance enhancements. . .
Version: 2009.10.1(22 Oct 2009)
Fixed Windows Streaming Media log file parsing
Version: 2009.8.1(20 Aug 2009)
Fixed a bandwidth discrepancy between reports. Added feature to remove older data and select how much data to keep in database site profile. . Can now run on Vista and Windows 7. . Various maintenance enhancements. .
Version: 2009.6.1(08 Jun 2009)
Fixed Wowza log file parsing
Version: Jan 2008)
Version: Jun 2007)
Added an option to track large log files. The program stores less IP Addresses when this option is turned on. The parsing . speed is about the same with or without this setting but the reporting speed is much faster. Some visitor reports are not . available with this setting. Tick the High Volume box (Edit Site Profile) before processing the site profile. . The parameter reporting has been improved. . Improved external click tracking - see attached . Added option to track Google external clicks - see attached . Added data macros - wy (week of year), wm (week of month) and dow (day of week) . Improved error reporting (blank reports and ftp) . Fixed the DEP problem which occurred on some 64 bit machines. On 64bit Windows 2003 Server, you might have to add . surfstats.exe in the second option "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:" Do this in Control Panel . - System - Advanced - Then select the second option and add surfstats.exe . Fixed the problem in Last Visitor and Last Spider Click Path . Proxy reports (and authenticated visits) fixed and improved . Last visitor click path and Last spider path reports fixed . PDF output number increased to 50 . Logo customization improved and added to Pro version. . Added Windows Media Server support (Enterprise Edition) for the latest format . Added Data Mining Reporting . Improved Visitor Navigation and trend reporting. . Improved parsing to accommodate larger log files. . Improved Ads, Clicks and Click Outs Tracking. See the file in the downloaded file to see how to track Ads, . Clicks and Click Outs with SurfStats Website Traffic Analyzer. . Improved Streaming Media Reporting (Only available in the Enterprise Edition). . Added save and restore site profiles in Standard Edition. . Added City and State reporting when using the program with the optional Visitor Origin database. . Added option to set number of records when output to PDF in View set editor. .
Version: Oct 2006)
Added easy way to track ads and click-outs. Added more reports . Improved looks and functionality . Improved Page Rank Tool . Improved the scheduled FTP log file retrieving and report posting. . various other enhancements. Added pdf report output.

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