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SunRav BookOffice 3.3

Powerful e-Textbook creator - EXE, HTML, CHM, PDF, EXE, Custom on and off line.
Publisher: SunRav Software
Category: Reference
Version: 3.3
License: shareware
Cost: 39$
Size: 5.84 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Your school, college or university can too drastically cut costs and become more environmentally friendly by offering students electronic textbooks, manuals and syllabi in HTML, CHM, PDF, EXE, RTF or custom formats. These e-textbooks can be posted on the web, made available for download or handed out on floppies, CDs or DVDs.
SunRav BookOffice comes with two modules - Reader and Editor. The Reader module is what students use to view electronic textbook with, and the Editor module is used by faculty or specially trained employee to create electronic syllabi.
The benefits of SunRav BookOffice are much more that simple conversion of old paper versions to digital ones. First, educators now can use multimedia files to enhance learning experience. A short clip of video, a sound sample of bird song or a multimedia presentation of physics experiment can drastically increase students' understanding of the process and make it easier to remember the material. Plus, teachers and professors can record their lectures and make these digitized recordings available for next year students as a part of syllabus.
Creating electronic textbook is a very simple and straightforward process. One of the fastest ways is importing an existing MS Office document (MS Office required). When creating e-manual from scratch, users can take advantage of the Editor module that has all word processing, text editing, spell-checking and OLE object supporting features. Inserting hyperlinks, images, graphs, charts and multimedia objects does not require any programming or HTML skills.
In addition, it is possible to create e-textbooks in .exe format, eliminating the need for students to have the Reader module. And, because in some instances there are benefits to having a real paper copy, the program comes with a built-in printing option.
For a limited time, you can download a trial version of SunRav BookOffice absolutely free. Get your copy now.

Version: 3.3(08 Jun 2008)
-New book property: Language
-New design. New visual themes
-Audio and video files in HTML documents
-TOC filtration
-Word delimiters settings
-PDF documents generation was improved
-Place of Favorites links was changed
-User may enter registration key before trial period is over
Version: 3.2(01 Feb 2008)
Added "Some chapters only" option in Trial mode.
Added registration keys in trial mode.
Visual theme of the book.
User may set up font of the TOC. Unicode symbols in TOC.
User may set up size and position of the book.
Command line parameters in the link to a book and to a test.
Version: 3.0

download (bookoffice_eng.exe - 5.84 MB)