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STGuru Standard Edition 3.1.3

Professional Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese converter
Publisher: Anasoft Studio
Category: Education
Version: 3.1.3
License: demo
Cost: 59$
Size: 4.73 MB
Updated: 19 Feb 2010
Based on comprehensive analysis of users' requirements, STGuru provides full range of Simplified Chinese (CHS) - Traditional Chinese (CHT) conversion services at professional quality.

The core of the application is an industry-leading, highly intelligent code conversion engine that converts between CHS and CHT at professional quality. The engine manages all delicate details and provides users with well-organized conversion libraries and packs. Some standard professional packs for typical uses are supplied. Language experts can also build their own custom packs for important projects. This engine provides all necessary conditions leading to commercial-quality conversions.

Based on the engine, full range of conversion services are provided, all at consistent professional quality:
a) Converts in all possible directions between Simplified and Traditional Chinese in GBK, Big5, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode BE.
b) Supports conversions for edit areas, clipboard, text files/web pages and directories/web sites.
c) Provides convenient procedures to convert documents in special formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Trados a whole.
d) A command line interface is provided, so you can perform command line conversions, or call it with an external program to realize fully customized real-time, dynamic conversions.

It is also a powerful Chinese word, phrase and file processor with many advanced tools and features: professional character count, word count, paragraph count and line count for text, files and folders, separately optimized for English and Chinese (CHS & CHT); find/replace and batch replace; page cleaning; text difference check; line sorting; redundant line analysis and cleaning; mergence, split and swap of glossary entries; the word adjustment system itself is also an advanced term management system.

STGuru's layout can be easily changed magically for different purposes.

It can help you paste Traditional Chinese text to

Version: 3.1.3(29 Oct 2009)
Added 7-day full feature access before activation for full reversion users; supports blank space(s) around phrases before/after word adjustment (localization specialists may need this); fixed the bug of possible inaccurate reported size of files copied during directory conversions.
Version: 3.1.2(08 Sep 2009)
Fixed the bug that the profile Open from Explorer cannot be properly saved as well as some other profile-related bugs; fixed some bugs in the Advanced Word Adjustment dialog box; some short video training courses on the basics and some advanced topics of STGuru have been published.
Version: 3.1.1(25 Aug 2009)
Baidu Post Assistant (a new utility function that helps you post Traditional Chinese texts to; added Batch Replace command to the upper and lower Edit menus; fixed a bug in when adding/pasting entries in the Advanced Word Adjustment interface.
Version: 3.0 RC(24 Jul 2009)
Optimizations for large-screen users; upgrade on file/folder character/word count; various updates on the ChS-ChT conversion features; improvements related to the left-right layout; other improvements
Version: 2.9.3(06 Mar 2009)
Command line interface (new key feature); File/Site Conversion now supports Unicode\Unicode BE (new key feature); perfect conversion for Unicode code set (major upgrade); many important interface improvements; major documentation update; many other improvements
Version: 2.8(27 Sep 2008)
Added new function buttons to the main UI; added "Set Conversion Pack" buttons to major conversion UIs; improvements on color settings; improvements on page cleaning macros; searching notes in the word adjustment engine; illustrations on Word conversion
Version: 2.7a(28 Aug 2008)
Character count, word count, paragraph count and line counts for text, file and folder; important improvement on conversion engine; transparent, draggable main window; transparent sticky note; improvements on various major tools; other improvements.
Version: 2.6(01 Feb 2008)
Major function improvement - Chinese-English Glossary Management; UI improvement; multiple other bug fixes, updates and improvements.
Version: 2.01(14 May 2007)
Updates on the code transfer engine and word adjustment libraries, on glossary management wizards, on the find/replace and batch replace modules, on documentations; multiple other updates and improvements.
Version: 1.9

download (stdstp_s.exe - 4.73 MB)