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SSE Setup 7.7

FREE easy and trusted install creator ( setup builder ) that's full-featured
Publisher: Chris Long
Category: Management & Distribution
Version: 7.7
License: freeware
Cost: 0$
Size: 5.67 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
SSE Setup is a FREE, easy to use, install creator ( setup builder ) to make installers for your software. Full-featured, trusted, mature, professional.

* Installs can run on most all Windows OS's such as Windows 10, 8, and 7 (disable support for any OS's you don't want)
* Installs both 32-bit and 64-bit programs
* NOT some complicated scripting language! (unlike many other installers)
* Create a fully functional installer in minutes (NOT days!)
* Handles the most common things automatically (saves you time)
* Creates small, efficient .EXE's or .ZIP's, or burns to CD/DVD
* Non-Admin (Limited/Standard user) install support
* Upgrade / patch support for installed programs
* Integrated Internet Updater solution that can download & install needed patches or upgrades
* Prerequisites checks to look for needed hardware / OS's / software; can download needed software (runtimes)
* For .NET installs, easy framework download if user needs
* Microsoft Access deployment
* Very UAC friendly
* Can legitimately provide a way for your program to avoid UAC elevation prompts if it needs Elevated Admin privileges on Admin accounts
* Built-in multi-language support for 12 of the world's most-used
* Customizable GUI with 7 presets
* Recognizable design ensures great end-user experience
* Ability to digitally sign installer/uninstaller/your program's files
* Display license agreement user must agree to
* Install files & shortcuts; modify registry
* Automatic DLL/OCX registration if needed
* Automatic removal of everything installed during uninstall
* Run external programs during install/uninstall
* Show welcome screen or custom messages
* Play audio files
* Associate filetypes with your software
* Create/Run/Delete Task Scheduler Tasks
* Modify security permissions (ACL) on files/folders/registry
* Modify user or group privileges/rights
* Automatic system restore point creation
* Much more!

Go with SSE Setup: Simple, Smart, Easy.

Version: 7.7(06 Dec 2015) - SSESetup77.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 7.6(27 Jun 2015) - SSESetup76.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 7.5(21 Jun 2014) - SSESetup75.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 7.3(02 Feb 2014) - SSESetup73.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 7.2(28 Oct 2013) - SSESetup72.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 7.1(08 Oct 2012) - SSESetup71.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 7.0(04 Feb 2012) - SSESetup70.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.6(11 Apr 2011) - SSESetup66.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.5(02 Jan 2011) - SSESetup65.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.4(19 Jun 2010) - SSESetup64.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.3(20 May 2010) - SSESetup63.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.2(30 Apr 2010) - SSESetup62.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.1(12 Mar 2010) - SSESetup61.exe
Enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 6.0(16 Jun 2009) - SSESetup60.exe
Custom prerequisites with download support, numerous enhancements, bug fixes
Version: 5.2(04 Dec 2008) - SSESetup52.exe
Major update with bug fixes, digital signature support, many enhancements
Version: 5.1(25 Jan 2008) - SSESetup51.exe
Major changes including GUI install creation, many new features, bug fixes
Version: 4.4(03 Nov 2006) - SSESetup44.exe
64-bit support, bug fixes, new features
Version: 4.0 - sseset.exe

download (SSESetup77.exe - 5.67 MB)