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Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2015

State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzerVST Plugin
Publisher: PAS-Products
Category: MP3 Search Tools
Version: 2015
License: shareware
Cost: 99$
Size: 18.89 MB
Updated: 10 Jul 2015
This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State of The Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone hardware unit. VST Plugin support An important advantage of your new analyzer software is the fact that your computer monitor is a far better means of displaying analyzer measurments than any LED or LCD bar. By making use of standard computer operations your analyzer software will store your personal settings or analyze audio data you may have previously recorded. What we had in mind while developing the PAS Analyzer was maximum flexibility, so we decided to equip it with its own test tone oscillator.While the analyzer is connected to your soundcards input the oscillator signal is feeding the outputs. Of course there is more than a 1 khz sine wave in the oscillator, its actually giving you various waveforms and noise. In Compare Mode the output of your soundcard is constantly being checked against whats coming in at the cards input sockets allowing you to evaluate the quality of any given signal chain. Now let me give you some real life examples for the use of the PAS Analyzer:Detecting and eliminating room modes ( sound reinforcement )

Version: 2015(07 Mar 2015)
VST Plugin support, Windows 8 compatible
Version: 2014(19 Aug 2014)
VST Plugin support, Windows 8 compatible
Version: 2013(11 Oct 2012)
Version: 2011(12 May 2011)
Version: 2010(08 Dec 2009)
Level Meter DIN 45406
Version: 2009(18 Nov 2008)
Level Meter DIN 45406
Version: 2007(08 Mar 2007) - analive.exe
Level Meter DIN 45406
Version: 4.0 - live.exe

download (analive.exe - 18.89 MB)