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Sothink SWF Quicker 2.2

Versatile Flash Maker and SWF editor to Maximize Your Creativity
Publisher: SourceTec Software
Category: Graphics and Video
Version: 2.2
License: shareware
Cost: 69$
Size: 12.82 MB
Updated: 30 Aug 2009
It is absolutely versatile Flash maker. you can find all you ever hear about -- shape design, motion tween creation, guided motion and adding stream sound. What's more, a real featured product it is! First, it is leading; you can create Flash Video with the highest quality and no worry about the platform, or the format, or whether your customers will be able to see your show. With ActionScript 2.0 Class and Object Oriented programming, interactivity design and game making never become so easy. Second, it is unique. Want to Import the SWF file you like and edit it into your own style? This Flash maker can edit almost all elements of SWF file, such as Text, Shape, URL, ActionScript, etc. totally without FLA. Third, it is fashionable, Over 150 built-in effects, making unique animations with text, shape, movie clip, etc, together with Eye- catching Slide Show, Flash album, banner and navigation button can definitely add sweet to your entertainment. In addition, SWF Quicker is easy to use. The timeline and customizable panels are standard for animation programs. The totally free tutorial centre makes you get up to speed fast! What's more, brilliant service can help you get assistants for life. You can email us, share ideas on out forum, or chat in Sothink chat room. There, any of your questions, comments and proposals will be highly appreciated. We will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Well, with only $ 69 - a reasonable price, you can get such a featured, easy to use product with brilliant service for life. You can definitely design professional Flash movies rich with all things you need?So, no more guessing! Try Versatile Flash Maker now!

Version: 2.2(21 Apr 2006)
New Features:. . Support OpenType and Type 1 fonts. . Fixed Bugs:. . The text tool works incorrectly on Windows 98 and Windows Me. . WMF/EMF/AI files which contain images can not be imported correctly. . 8-bit images in SQF files saved in previous versions display incorrectly . after opened in 2.1. . .
Version: 3.0.1(30 Nov 2007)
* Fixed the error of unable to apply the settings appeared. in the Properties panel when creating texts. * Fixed the error of editing overlapped symbols. * Fixed the inappropriate display for blank videos. * Fixed the error of copying frame(s) and scene(s). * Fixed the error of generating specified effects. * Fixed the error of unable to draw snapped to the ruler. * Fixed the error of unexpectedly changing places for the. ungrouped symbols. * Fixed other bugs that may cause the program to crash.
Version: 3.0(24 May 2007)
New Features:. . * Support creating shape tween animations. * Support creating image tween animations. * Added Selection, Lasso, Brush and Eraser drawing tools.
Version: 2.6(06 Feb 2007)
1. Modify Library template.; 2. Add Gallary template; 3. Add some new functions in the tree menu; 4. Support movies . which made by flash 8.
Version: 2.5(13 Sep 2006)
New Features:. . * Support selecting ActionScript version in the Publish Settings dialog box. * Support slash syntax in ActionScript 1.0. * Support strict data type and access type checking in ActionScript 2.0. * Support ActionScript interface. * Add ActionScript reference to the Help document. . Fixed Bugs:. . * Fixed some minor ActionScript compiler errors.
Version: 2.2

download ( - 12.82 MB)