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3D Supernova is a unique space animated screensaver for your PC desktop.

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Tickle the fish, feed the fish, set the lighting to change automatically.

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Cyclope is an employee surveillance software

 IconMonitor Control
turn off monitor, start screensaver, automatically disable screensaver

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Turn you screen into a teleport gateway to the mysterious galaxy of star wars.

Sonar Screensaver

Will turn your PC into underwater sonar outpost
Publisher: ZERGE.COM
Category: Screensavers
License: shareware
Cost: 19.95$
Size: 2.56 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Sonar simulation screensaver displays a fabulous sonar screen with famous rotating beam and object marks. There are lot of decoration elements, like orthogonal and circular scaling grids, markers, various windows with information. And all this beauty will be accompanied with many sounds including underwater noises, whale songs, screws and cinematographic effects.
When running in "on-screen-message" mode it can display text messages instead of simply closing when touching mouse or keyboard. This can be useful for leaving workplace without wondering that somebody will not know where you are and when you are going to be back.
Sonar Screensaver supports multi-display PC configurations and can run different models on different screens. All the parameters can be easily configured at screensaver settings window.
The screensaver is shipped with on-line help, which makes its configuration (when it is needed) quick and easy.

Version: Jan 2008)
Minor enhancements and fixes, compatibility issues.
Version: Jan 2007)
Minor enhancements and fixes.

download (ssonar.exe - 2.56 MB)