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Monitor local and remote server connections with a server uptime monitor.
Publisher: Alexander Yarovy
Category: Internet
License: shareware
Cost: 49$
Size: 5.62 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
A server uptime monitor is a must-have for any business which provides online services to their clients or any other organization which needs to ensure the highest degree of reliability of their networked resources. sMonitor presents a server uptime monitor which will constantly monitor the online status of both local and remote servers over the TCP/IP protocol. The software creates a customizable HTML file which mirrors the main window of the program. It provides a thorough reporting system including the ability to save files in plain text and HTML formats and upload them automatically to a remote FTP server. It also offers several alert methods including automatic e-mail and SMS alerts as well as both visual and audible alerts. sMonitor supports TCP, UDP and ICMP and it can send protocol-specific UDP requests to DHCP, TFTP, NTP, NETBOIS, SNMP and LDAP ports. sMonitor presents a highly customizable solution, since you can customize the way reports are recorded and you can even write customized scripts to enjoy an even higher degree of functionality. You can learn more about sMonitor at A downloadable trial version, along with screenshots, support and frequently asked questions is also available here.

Version: Jan 2015)
added Windows 10 support
Version: Nov 2013)
added SMPP support, fixed UDP port monitoring bug
Version: May 2013)
added script interpreter functions
Version: Mar 2013)
Version: Mar 2013)
fixed interval settings
Version: Feb 2013)
added Remote Service utility
Version: Dec 2012)
fixed SMS log errors
Version: Sep 2012)
fixed SMS notification errors
Version: May 2012)
fixed multiple license registration
Version: Apr 2012)
Version: Mar 2012) - sMonitor.exe
fixed up/down message notifications
Version: Feb 2010)
updated script interpreter
Version: Jan 2010)
Version: Oct 2009)
NT service, UDP support, open/save server lists
Version: Oct 2009)
NT service, UDP support, open/save server lists
Version: 4.2 Build 1499(08 Sep 2009)
NT service, UDP support, open/save server lists
Version: 4.2 Build 1498(09 Aug 2009)
NT service, UDP support, open/save server lists
Version: 4.2.1495(26 Jan 2009)
Version: 4.2 Build 1490(03 Apr 2008) - sMonitor.exe
Windows Vista and Server 2008 support
Version: 4.2 Build 1480(03 Mar 2008) -
NT service, UDP support, open/save server lists
Version: 4.1 Build 1250 - sMonitor.exe

download (sMonitor.exe - 5.62 MB)