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Smart Pix Manager 12.0

Image and Multimedia Viewing and Management Software
Publisher: Xequte Software
Category: Graphics and Video
Version: 12.0
License: shareware
Cost: 39.5$
Size: 3.50 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Smart Pix Manager is a leading solution for the management and viewing of all common image, multimedia (AVI, MPEG, MP3, etc), Office, text and web files. Smart Pix allows you to rapidly search and categorize files in your multimedia collection using keywords and descriptions (which can be automatically generated). Smart Pix offers advanced file security including encryption, password protection and even browsing of files in encrypted zips. Databases can be shared across a network and support for off-line sources is included (e.g. prompting for the correct CD-ROM).
Features include: Wide Format Support, including all common Images, Sounds, Videos, Text, Office and HTML formats - Creates and maintains a database of your images and allows you to assign and remove multiple keywords against each file. - Supports AND/OR/NOT searching for images of specified keywords. - Automatic detection of duplicate files within your collection - Simple to use, including batch functionality for input of files and keyword assignment and removal. If your collection is already sorted into directories you can add initial keywords to all your files in minutes - Optional password restricted access (Database is encrypted!) - Optional storage of image files with false extensions (such as .SPM) to make them invisible to other users/programs - Optional storage of images within the database for high security - Also supports standard browsing of files on your computer system - Slideshow feature allows you to display files in standard or random order. - Multishow feature displays a slideshow of multiple image - Viewing and Editing of MP3 tags - Batch Image Conversion and Manipulation - HTML Creation Wizard allows you to rapidly create web sites with image indexes - Create Thumbnail Sheets and File Lists - Limit access to your images with Password Protection - Optional storage of images with a false extension to make them invisible to other users/programs, and includes batch renaming

Version: 12.0(01 Mar 2011)
Various improvements
Version: 11.3(01 Dec 2010)
Various improvements
Version: 11.0(01 Oct 2009)
Various improvements
Version: 10.2(03 Jan 2009)
Various improvements
Version: 10(03 Sep 2008)
Various improvements
Version: 9.01(10 Jun 2007)
Various improvements
Version: 9.0(10 Sep 2006) - smartpix.exe
Various improvements
Version: 8.05 -

download (smartpix.exe - 3.50 MB)