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Small Fun Farkle 1.3.5

Small Fun Farkle is a fast-paced, addictive, easy to learn dice game.
Publisher: Small Fun Games
Category: Games
Version: 1.3.5
License: shareware
Cost: 15.99$
Size: 3.94 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Small Fun Farkle is a fast-paced, addictive, easy to learn dice game (for 1 to 8 human and/or customizable computer players) similar to the popular dice games 'Ten Thousand' and 'Press Your Luck.'

The game supports from one to eight players - any of which can be human or customizable computer opponents (Normal, Cautious, Fearless, Simple, or Random, Genius, or Moron). You can even set up an all computer match (don't worry, the computer won't blow up like in the movie 'War Games'). If you have a favourite game setup, you can save it as the default.

Players can control the look and feel of the game by selecting the background pictures, dice styles, and sounds. You can even add your own backgrounds! Also available are options that help beginners learn to play and make game play easier for more experienced players.

If you get an impressive single-round score your name may be immortalized by being added to the High Rollers list. For additional bragging rights, if you finish far ahead of the other players your name can be added to the Biggest Whoopin' (Highest Margin of Victory) list.

A hard-earned victory should be rewarded. So when you've left your opponents behind in the dust you'll be given the prestigious Small Fun Farkle Cup. Don't forget to thank all of the little people in your acceptance speech.

Version: 1.3.5(06 Dec 2015)
Added 6 new backgrounds and 5 new dice sets
Version: 1.3.4(08 Apr 2011)
Added 1 new set of dice and fixed an issue that may have inconvenienced some players.
Version: 1.3.3(20 Mar 2010)
Fixed bug that kept people from scoring on the Biggest Whoopin list. Also the score pad did not always show the correct Break In or Play To values.
Version: 1.3.2(08 Sep 2009)
Fixed bug that affected non-admin accounts
Version: 1.3.1(08 Aug 2009)
New graphics and other improvements
Version: 1.2.6(14 Jun 2007)
Version: 1.2.5(22 Apr 2007)
Version: 1.2.4(07 Apr 2007)
Version: 1.1

download (SFFSetup.exe - 3.94 MB)