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Security Task Manager 1.8d

Enhanced Process Viewer with security risk rating. SpyProtector protects your PC
Publisher: A. & M. Neuber Software
Category: Utilities
Version: 1.8d
License: shareware
Cost: 29$
Size: 2.00 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Security Task Manager is an enhanced process viewer, that provides detailed information about programs and processes running on the computer. It displays all the standard information, including file name, directory path, description, CPU usage etc. as well as a unique security risk rating. The security risk rating is based on an analysis that takes different aspects of the process into consideration, and indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan or keylogger. This indicator is purely based on generic analysis, and does not use any signature files, so it is open to interpretation by the (advanced) user. Security Task Manager also displays the start time, the icon of the process, hidden functions and more. That process viewer recognizes virtual driver software, services, BHOs and stealth processes hidden from the Windows Task Manager. You can choose to terminate any process, delete it, or alternately quarantine it, which will disable it from running again without actually deleting it. Additional information is provided via context sensitive Google results, and you can customize risk ratings by adding your own comments.

If you buy Security Task Manager you get the software SpyProtector for free. SpyProtector contains tools to protect your computer from keylogger, spyware and trojans. SpyProtector deletes traces of your Internet and computer activity and prevents keyboard input monitoring. Furthermore SpyProtector warns you when the registry is changed. wrote: "Overall, a very useful TaskManager for novice and advanced users alike, that provides many unique features."

Version: 1.8d(13 Mar 2012)
better language support, Windows 7 64bit compatible, bug fixed
Version: 1.8(23 Nov 2010) - SecurityTaskManager_Setup.exe
Windows 7 compatible, bug fixed, new HTML help
Version: 1.7(09 Nov 2006) - taskmanager17.exe
fixed bugs, Asian and Arabic language support, Clearer Remove dialog
Version: 1.6f - taskmanager.exe

download (SecurityTaskManager_Setup.exe - 2.00 MB)