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ScrapBook 1.16

Palm OS note-taking with nested folders, versatile search features, encryption
Publisher: Slow-Cooked Software, LLC
Category: Utilities
Version: 1.16
License: shareware
Cost: 15$
Size: 0.57 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
ScrapBook is a note-taking application for Palm OS, featuring enhanced organizational and search capabilities that help you manage a large collection of notes. ScrapBook also supports encryption (using the DES algorithm), to let you keep selected notes private.

You can organize your notes using nested folders (as many as you need, nested as deeply as you need), as well as by using standard Palm OS "categories". Also, you can assign a list of keywords to a note, and find notes by searching for one or more keywords. You can also use "virtual folders", which associate notes with folders dynamically - provided you coordinate the keywords assigned to various notes with the words used in the virtual folder's path.

ScrapBook can search its database for multiple words or strings at once, searching keywords, titles, and (optionally) full message texts. This includes the ability to search encrypted notes (prompting for passwords as needed)! Search results are sorted so that the best matches are presented first.

ScrapBook can exchange notes, in both directions, with the built-in Memos or Memo Pad application.

ScrapBook is distributed as a .zip format compressed archive, containing ScrapBook.prc + documentation (including a complete user's manual).

ScrapBook is shareware, with a 30-day trial period.

Version: 1.16(21 Jun 2010)
Added a tutorial. Also includes a couple minor improvements to the program
Version: 1.15c(04 Oct 2008)
Provide optional underlining within text fields on the Edit and Browse forms, and a few improvements to appearance
Version: 1.15b(26 Jul 2008)
Fixed a bug in the Edit form, where page scrolling wouldn't work after expanding the message text field (if the keyword list previously had focus)
Version: 1.15a(26 Jun 2008)
1.15a: Improved handling of the 5-Way Navigator control on the Edit and Search Keywords forms.
Version: 1.15(17 Apr 2008)
1.15: Added support for the 5-Way Navigator control (on Palm Powered devices made by Palm, Inc.)
Version: 1.14a(30 Dec 2007)
1.14: Added support for "virtual folders"!; search the results of the previous search; better control over what gets searched (in Strings mode). 1.14a: bug fix re. deleting a folder with more than 1 note still linked to it.
Version: 1.12(21 May 2007)
1.12: Support searching the text of encrypted notes, searching for exact phrases, opening Edit form in expanded view, enhanced password memory
Version: 1.11b

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