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Scan&Fill II 1a

First step to set up your forms printing environment
Publisher: SoftwareSchmiede
Category: Business
Version: 1a
License: shareware
Cost: 25$
Size: 1.20 MB
Updated: 07 Aug 2006
You still have to fill out forms in the internet age? Your school, university, custom office, business partner, etc. still insist on paperware? Scan&Fill II is the first step of your forms printing environment:
You scan the forms with your scanner, create data entry fields and files with fixed data; Assign printer (or printer trays) with a form. When ready create a form filling shortcut that starts Scan&Fill, loads the form file and the data file and (optionally) disables the form manipulation commands. With the OLE II interface application software can further automate the filling and printing.
Scan&Fill II is the 32-bit successor of the 16-bit Scan&Fill which added an enhanced user interface and is now embeddable in your office/software environment.

download (SCAFE2.EXE - 1.20 MB)