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Sarbyx 2.7

Need a time planner and system manager? Sarbyx is the answer!
Publisher: SarbyxLabs
Category: Utilities
Version: 2.7
License: shareware
Cost: 39.95$
Size: 3.96 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Sarbyx is a small utility that offers to do many functions, including personal reminder notifications, scheduled tasks, internet time synchronization, application launching, password recovery and more. It also includes a personal database to organize notes, contacts and passwords with optional encryption. Furthermore, the program includes a variety of common IE and Windows tweaks, as well as an option to create virtual drives, hide existing drives, change the OEM logo and computer access to selected programs. Basic features abound.

Version: 2.7(19 Sep 2007)
Removed: Themes support =)
Improved: "Reminder" module
Improved: "Organizer" module
Improved: "Tweaks" module
Improved: "Trayclock" module
Bug fixes

All list of new features will be available in Sarbyx 2.71 version
Version: 2.6(15 Mar 2007)
Added: "show day of the week" in trayclock module
Added: "show year" in trayclock module
Added: new language: French
Improved: trayclock module
Improved: "find" window
Improved: "view" filter
Improved: unicode support
Fixed: various bug fixes
Version: 2.55(01 Dec 2006)
The program's interface was changed
Added: "Choose language" window
Added: "Getting Started" wizard window
Changed: Notification window

Reminder module
Added: events wizard window
Added: events Holidays/Birthdays
Added: Holiday/Birthday windows
Added: new theme (vistanew.theme)
Added: available languages: Danish, English, Hungarian, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
Added: an ability to set a background screen color of Events and Organizer Trees
Added: an ability to change skins and format of Tray?lock in "Preferences" window
Added: an ability to add "My links" for remindings of holidays and birthdays in "Preferences" window
Improved: "Wizard" window

Reminder module
Added: setting of the filter for events review (Yesterday, Today, Date Interval and etc.)
Added: an ability to add your favorite links (Postcards, Gifts and etc.) to "Today" window
Added: an ability to set a default color for tree background

Organizer module
Added: an ability to use transparency to "Quick access panel"
Added: adding new row to tables when the user presses TAB in the last cell
Added: rewinds all inserted animated pictures to the first frame
Added: Word Count in "Note/Article" window

Improved: Contact's photo will be displayed in "Quick access panel" only if you already added it to "Contact" window
Improved: faster formatting of documents containing controls-items
Improved: faster loading RTF files with images
Improved: exporting tables must look better in Mozilla/Firefox
Improved: copying multicell selection as a table fragment
Improved: some tweaks in HTML export
Improved: inserting animated GIF images
Improved: assignment of table cells' string properties (Hint and BackgroundImageFileName) can be undone and redone by user

Fixed: critical fix related to undo of drag&drop in tables
Fixed: table selection, table HTML export, glitches on typing after non-text items
Fixed: XHTML export (missing ending slash in one tag)
Fixed: Drag&drop copying: it was impossible to insert a copy of selection to its beginning or end
Fixed: HTML export

Tweaks module
Fixed: various bug fixes
Version: 2.5

download (sarbyx.exe - 3.96 MB)