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Safe n Sec Pro 3470

Safe?n?Sec Pro - new complex solution for PC virus protection
Publisher: S.N.Safe&Software EN
Category: Antivirus
Version: 3470
License: shareware
Cost: 0$
Size: 8.71 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
Your PC is invaded by viruses and other malware? You have found damaged or lost documents, files or software on your PC? Having installed Safe?n?Sec Pro you needn?t to be worry about your data safety. Safe?n?Sec Pro contains info about hundreds of popular software operation. If the program is infected with virus or is under hacker control Safe?n?Sec will detect its abnormal behavior and block it preventing the damage.

Your PC suddenly started to work slowly? You?ve found suspicious files in the system? These are far not all signs of your PC being infected with spyware or possible hacker presence. ?Unknown Application Isolation? function in Safe?n?Sec Pro successfully combats these threats. It carries out automatic execution of unknown/suspicious program in special environment isolated from all programs and data stored in your PC. If suspicious program occurred to be malicious it can?t bring any damage to your PC in isolated environment. ?Unknown Application Isolation? guarantees efficient virus protection of your PC including protection from various attacks and ?positive? software usage by spyware modules.

You?re getting annoyed with intrusive ads and pop-up windows while browsing? Integrated anti-adware module blocks ads and banners looming right in front of you when you visit various web-sites. After banner blocking Safe?n?Sec Pro shrinks the area previously occupied by blocked banner so that all info displayed on the screen becomes available. Anti-adware module also clears all traces of your online activities (cookies, cache files, history, typed urls, recent urls).

download (snspro_rd_eng.exe - 8.71 MB)