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Creating of own applications with the OPC server communication interfaces easily
Publisher: SAE - Automation, s.r.o.
Category: Tools and Editors
Version: 5.03.03
License: shareware
Cost: 864$
Size: 33.12 MB
Updated: 07 Jul 2012
SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server is a software package (configurator and runtime) dedicated to automation and industrial control system or office applications integration service providers and software vendors.

It enables creating of own applications with OPC server interface according to the OPC DA (Data Access) 3.0x, 2.05, 1.0, OPC AE 1.10 more easily comparing to current SDK's for development of OPC servers. Detailed knowledge of the OPC technology is not necessary. Also, a development of own configuration application for the OPC server is not needed.

Product installation package contains also OPC UA 1.01 a o OPC XML DA 1.01 wrappers. Both standards enable communication using of web services. Newest OPC UA standard enables also more powerful communication using binary communication over TCP/IP. The OPC UA advantage is also that it does not use proprietary DCOM technology.

Own application specific functionality can be put into the product by combination of configuring and programming.

Your application cooperates with the ready made OPC server over shared memory by using so-called memory operands. Different functions using these operands can be configured using delivered configuration application. Product can be completed with dynamic linked libraries. They can be programmed using standards software development tools. This way created dll's can be later used as part of the standard configurable functionality of the product.

Creating of applications by configuring enables higher productivity by application creating as programming. It is possible to use configurable arithmetic, logical and comparison commands as well as command for creating of parameterizable messages saved to log-files.

Configuring application offers a few possibilities to verify created configuration and to debug runtime application. It contains also built-in OPC client.

It is delivered with DDE client dll (licensed extra).

Version: 5.03.03(22 Jul 2013) -
Common installation file for x86 and x64 Windows OS, configuration application started in administrator mode.
Version: 4.01.00(08 Jan 2013)
Asynchronous logging to improve performance and keeping period of the sysnchronous conroller,
removed problem with long strings by logging
Version: 3.17.00

download ( - 33.12 MB)