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Play the Rummy tiles in groups of three, against the computer or your friends

Rummi 6.0.37

Play the Rummy tiles in groups of three, against the computer or your friends
Publisher: YPR Software BV
Category: Games
Version: 6.0.37
License: shareware
Cost: 24.95$
Size: 3.17 MB
Updated: 27 Jan 2011
In this addictive Tile Rummy game, you try to get rid of your numbered tiles by playing them in groups of three or more. You can try and beat the computer players, in different levels of skill. You can also play online with your friends, over the internet or your home network, or with other Rummi fans from all over the world.
Tile Rummy is a game of strategy, combination and luck for 2-4 players. These type of games are very popular worldwide, played with ordinary card decks or with tile sets like Rummikub.
In this game you can play several different Rummy type games, played with cards or tiles. With the built-in game editor, you can define your own games by combining ten game rule aspects, allowing many thousands of different game types.
A tutorial will help you through the first steps of learning Rummi, and during your games you can always ask the computer to give you a hint to a clever move.
For a comfortable gameplay, you can keep the tiles in your hand sorted in different ways, and you can neatly arrange the tiles that are already on the table. You can save your offline and online games and resume them at a later time. For a more interesting game, you can set an optional time limit per turn.
You can join a free ladder competition for an extra challenge.
Different card and tile sets, and several themes with nice graphics and sound effects are included.

Version: 6.0.37(22 Jan 2009)
Version: 6.0.36(09 Apr 2008)
Version: 6.0.35(22 Oct 2007)
Version: 6.0.34(27 Jun 2007)
Version: 6.0.33(16 Mar 2007)
Version: 6.0.32(09 Feb 2007)
Version: 6.0.31(27 Jan 2007)
Version: 6.0.30(20 Nov 2006)
Version: 5.0.43

download (rummisetup.exe - 3.17 MB)