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RoboGEO 5.6

Geotag EXIF photos for Google Earth, Google Maps, Flickr, SHP or DXF files.
Publisher: Pretek, Inc.
Category: CAD
Version: 5.6
License: demo
Cost: 39.95$
Size: 8.56 MB
Updated: 11 Jan 2009
Geotag digital images with latitude, longitude, altitude, and direction information. RoboGEO stamps this information onto the actual photo or writes it to the EXIF headers, allowing you to permanently geotag and link your photos to the GPS coordinates. All writing to the EXIF and IPTC headers is lossless and all of the existing comments (including the MakerNote and the Adobe XMP metadata) are preserved. Includes a Picasa-style geotagger for Google Earth. Create web pages that use Google Maps, export KML or KMZ files to Google Earth, upload geotagged photos to Flickr, export ESRI SHP shapefiles, export to MapPoint, or export DXF files to AutoCAD or IntelliCAD. Show the photo direction on maps and calculate it from the GPS tracklog. Automatically merge EXIF or IPTC tags into the image titles and descriptions. Record dictation using any modern digital voice recorder and automatically associate audio with the photos. Rotate or redate images based on the EXIF info. Export GPX files. Edit the EXIF times. Lookup altitudes knowing only lat/lon. Photo locations can be projected to a new location in either ground or airplane mode. Free EXIF/IPTC viewer. Geocode any type of JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, Adobe DNG file, Canon CR2, Minolta MRW, or Epson ERF file. Directly supports Garmin GPS units (USB or COM), but no GPS is required. Geocode images from a GPS tracklog, NMEA sentences, waypoints, known place names OziExploer PLT files, or TCX files. Import GPX files for interfacing with other GPS makes and models like Magellan and Trimble. Supports DNR Garmin. Rename images per the EXIF data. IPTC editor. Use any digital camera. Internationally aware. Very easy to use. Nice user interface. Can be fully automated from the command line. Perfect tool for aerial photography, land surveyors, engineers, insurance claim adjusters or anyone who needs to collect field data for integration into a GIS system. Affordable. Free lifetime upgrades. Extensive on-line documentation.

Version: 5.6(25 Sep 2008)
Added an IPTC editor and the ability to stamp IPTC data directly on the images
Version: 5.5(26 Aug 2008)
Reverse geocode images using polygons in ESRI shapefiles and support for Garmin TCX format
Version: 5.4(25 Jun 2008)
Reverse geocoding, geocode from IPTC fields, import CSV files
Version: 5.3(01 Jan 2008)
Upload waypoints, Google Maps terrain view, Google Earth timelines, and Garmin MapSource GPX extension
Version: 5.0(22 Sep 2006)
Added a Picasa style geotagger for Google Earth
Version: 4.2

download (rgeo.msi - 8.56 MB)