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Replay Media Catcher

Download Video & Audio & Convert Automatically from millions of sites.
Publisher: Applian Technologies Inc.
Category: Players
License: demo
Cost: 49.95$
Size: 15.31 MB
Updated: 01 Jun 2013
Replay Media Catcher makes it easy to download online video and audio/MP3 streams from millions of popular sites, with more supported formats and protocols than any other stream capture program. All media from Flash and Windows Media servers can be recorded, as well as MP3 song files from many popular online music radio sites. Replay Media Catcher can even capture multiple streams simultaneously.

Plus, only Replay Media Catcher has a SmartNames feature to automatically name and tag most video & MP3 files. This eliminates weird, unreadable, cryptic file names forever.

Now it's easy to save previously viewed videos using the new Video History tool. Any videos that you have previously watched, that Replay Media Catcher can capture, can be saved by just clicking the "save" button in the Video History tool.

Replay Media Catcher is fully functional to record and convert YouTube files in demo mode. Try it today!

Version: Apr 2013)
Major Update - New graphical interface, supports downloading of more formats including Adobe HDS, Apple HLS and more, new Media Guides for finding video and audio streams, new converter, new scheduler, new Video Cache tool - save previously watched videos without reloading. And much, much more!
Version: 4.4.4(10 Aug 2012)
Improved registration process so it is now possible to use the program while offline. Other bug fixes.
Version: 4.4.1(02 Apr 2012) - download_file.php?file=RCATSetup.exe
- Audio recording to MP3
- Youtube multiple download improvements
- New registration system.
- Fixed error when recording a stream and the file already exists.
- When reprocessing a stream the original title is now used.
- Moved "Browser title naming rule" to top of the rule lis
Version: Sep 2010) - RCATSetupDL.exe
Ensure RunOnce registry key is available to stop driver installation failure Improved detection of RMTP streams on port 80 (BBC detection issue) Adjusted the naming so that BBC iplayer names are detected. Fixed shoutcast streams where the meta data was being transmitted.
Version: 3.11(24 Sep 2009)
- Added video history tool
- Added audio recording tool
- Fixes for YouTube captures
- New security certificates
- Accessibility improvements with shortcut keys
- New module which allows AAC converting
- Updated internal libraries to latest versions
- Minor bug fixes
Version: 3.02(27 Feb 2009)
Update to the plug-in system which helps prevent firewall related trouble.
Fix so it now downloads 100% of YouTube videos in demo mode.
For for MP4 files being transferred via RTMP. HTTP files are now renamed by the browser window. FLV to MP3 tool updated. Many smaller updates and bug fixes.
Version: 3.01(15 Sep 2008)
Now works with Windows Vista without having to turn off the UAC (User Acces Control)
Version: 3.0(09 Aug 2008)
Added new Flash server RTMP protocols
Added Windows Media and Real Protocols
Version: 1.0

download (download_file.php?file=RCATSetup.exe - 15.31 MB)