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ReadWrite Korean - Learn the Korean alphabet (HanGul).

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ReadWrite Korean 2.1

ReadWrite Korean - Learn the Korean alphabet (HanGul).
Publisher: Declan Software
Category: Language
Version: 2.1
License: shareware
Cost: 16$
Size: 1.93 MB
Updated: 06 Aug 2006
READWRITE KOREAN assists beginners in learning theK
orean alphabet. Lessons include a structured
introduction to each letter with examples of
its pronunciation. Students can use the voice
recording feature to compare their pronuciation
with a native speaker's. The writing lessons use
animation to illustrate letter stroke orders and
word formation. You can practice writing and receive
feedback on your efforts. Reading,listening and
multihoice exercises are also included, which are
designed to build a simple vocabulary.

Instructions for the use of the program are
availiable from within the program by clicking on
the "Instructions" button.

download (rwk_setup.exe - 1.93 MB)