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RasterVect 13.8

Vectorizer RasterVect transforms raster images to a vector format.
Publisher: RasterVect Software
Category: CAD
Version: 13.8
License: shareware
Cost: 79.95$
Size: 2.03 MB
Updated: 19 Jul 2008
Vectorizer RasterVect can transform any raster images into a vector format. Raster drawing can be imported by scanning original paper drawings. There is TWAIN support for importing from scanners. Images can be acquired from any scanner. The target vector formats (DXF,WMF,EMF,EPS and AI) are supported by most CAD applications that use vector graphics, such as AutoCAD and Corel Draw. There are viewing tools like zooming, scrolling and color selection.

Features: Recognizes orthogonal lines, inclined lines, arcs and circles; Has four various conversion methods (outline, centerline etc); Has modes ORTHO and SNAP; Forms correct corners at crossing lines, arcs and circles; Keeps scale of an initial drawing; Has TWAIN and WIA support (there is scanning in the program); Can correct a turn angle of an initial raster drawing; Has despeckle filters; Can recognize color images or transform their to black-and-white for the subsequent recognition; Has Batch Mode and Macros; Has vector and raster editing opportunities; Supports various raster and vector formats, has own combined (raster+vector) format.

New in this latest version: Circles ?????????????????????recognition has been improved.

Version: 13.8(28 Jul 2008)
Circles ?????????????????????recognition has been improved.
Version: 13.7(30 Jun 2008)
New vector tools have been added.
Version: 13.6(02 Jun 2008)
New raster tools have been added.
Version: 13.5(19 May 2008)
Layers operations have been improved.
Version: 13.4(29 Mar 2008)
Now raster filters work with masks.
Version: 13.3(01 Mar 2008)
Now paint tools work with masks.
Version: 12.3(17 Jun 2007)
Capture features have been added.
Version: 12.2(19 May 2007)
Recognition method "Outlines" has been improved.
Version: 12.1(21 Apr 2007)
New input formats have been added.
Version: 12.0(24 Mar 2007)
EPS format import has been added.

Few minor bugs have been fixed.
Version: 11.9(17 Feb 2007)
Now program is fully compatible with Vista.

Few minor bugs have been fixed.
Version: 11.8(14 Jan 2007) -
Vector length filter has been added and a few minor bugs have been fixed.
Version: 11.1 -

download ( - 2.03 MB)