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RAID Reconstructor 4.30

Recover Data From A Broken RAID Level 5 or 0 Array
Publisher: Runtime Software
Category: System Utilities
Version: 4.30
License: shareware
Cost: 99$
Size: 2.60 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Recover data from a broken RAID Level 5 or 0 Array.
Runtime's RAID Reconstructor will help you to recover data from a broken RAID Level 5 Array consisting of 3 to 14 drives, RAID Level 0 Array (Striping) consisting of 2 drives.

Even if you do not know the RAID parameters, such as drive order, block size and direction of rotation, RAID Reconstructor will analyze your drives and determine the correct values. You will then be able to create a copy of the reconstructed RAID in a virtual image, an image file, or on a physical drive.

Once you created an image you can use it for further data recovery processing with Runtime's GetDataBack. If you create the image on another physical drive, you can process it with GetDataBack too or you might even be able to directly boot from it.

RAID Reconstructor is read-only. It will not try to "fix" your RAID. It will merely create a copy of your RAID at another location. It will collect sector by sector from each single drive involved and write these sectors in the correct order to the designated destination. This process is also called "de-striping".

Because one drive is redundant in RAID 5, it is sufficient to have one less than the original number of drives (N) in the array. RAID Reconstructor can recalculate the original data from the N-1 drives. For a RAID-0 (striped) array you will need both drives.

The RAID Reconstructor will recover both, hardware and software RAIDs. It will recover from broken Windows Dynamic Disk sets.

RAID Reconstructor also runs from the Runtime Live CD or a WinPE boot CD-ROM.

Version: 4.30(27 Sep 2012)
Improved RAID structure recognition
Version: 4.32(11 Oct 2012)
Improved RAID structure recognition
Version: 4.30(27 Sep 2012)
Improved RAID structure recognition
Version: 4.10(18 Dec 2010)
Version: 4.03(20 Jun 2010)
BartPE WinPE boot disk support, new scripting feature, Windows 7 ready
Version: 3.03(28 Jan 2004)
BartPE WinPE boot disk support, new scripting feature, Vista ready
Version: 2.31

download ( - 2.60 MB)