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RAF Email Extractor 1.0

RAF Email Extractor is fast email extraction tool and more
Publisher: RAF Systems
Category: Business Finance
Version: 1.0
License: shareware
Cost: 9.78$
Size: 1.58 MB
Updated: 21 Aug 2009
RAF Email Extractor is fast email extraction and processing utility aimed at
users who need to build email/clients lists or leads. It can extract emails from
text files, csv files, html files and even from the clipboard. Emails get extracted
into a new file (one per line). You can then separate the emails using your own
delimiter such as "," or ";" to allow them to easily be pasted or imported into
your mailing client or website. You can even seperate the emails into blocks of
a specified size. Each file will then contain x number of emails separated
using your delimiter - this can be useful when there is a limit to how many
recipients you can send to in one message (e.g. Yahoo Mail allows about 100
recipients per message).

You set a list as your Master Email List (MEL) which will contain all your
emails/leads. Now whenever you obtain new leads e.g someone new signs
up for your newsletters, you simply copy and paste their email into the
appropriate box and press add. Duplicate emails automatically detected!

In the case when people unsubscribe to your newsletters/service or an email
gets reported as broken you again simply copy and paste their email into the
appropriate box and press delete. There is even a function which allows you
delete emails contained in a file from the Master Email List. A very useful
feature if you need to remove more than one email from the MEL.

The Free Version only lets you extract or process a maximum of 100 emails
and you can only use each feature 2 times each run. To unlock all features
you simply purchase and enter a serial.

download (Email .exe - 1.58 MB)