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QIOS DevSuite 1

Qios.DevSuite contains StatusBars, DockingWindows, Menu's, ToolBars and more.
Publisher: QIOS B.V.
Category: n/a
Version: 1
License: shareware
Cost: 0$
Size: 10.22 MB
Updated: 26 Sep 2008
Every developer who has ever created Win32 applications has the same problem. He cannot get his interfaces to look as nice as Microsoft's. Visual Studio contains a toolkit for panels, tabcontrols etc, but when you open an application developed by Microsoft, the controls they use look much and much better than the ones presented in the toolkit. They use panels with advanced gradients, Windows that are dockable throughout the application and themes that change the colors of the application with the click of a button.

As a developer, you start looking for those controls in the toolkits, COM-components available on the system and in the WinApi. As your search continues you become aware of the fact that Microsoft has hidden those controls so well, you cannot use them....

We are here to help you!

Qios.DevSuite.Components for .NET contains advanced TabControls, ExplorerBars, Panels, StatusBars, DockingWindows, Menu's and ToolBars. All these controls are capable of changing their colorscheme with a click of a button. You can fully customize their appearance by setting the thickness of borders and colors of their gradients. You can choose to let the system decide what colors and fonts to use or you decide it for yourself. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the High-contrast function on your system, you can choose to let the controls inherit the High-contrast properties or not.

download ( - 10.22 MB)