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Viklele Associates

Related product from Viklele Associates:
 IconVLMenuPlus 5.0
Office 2003 and Office XP styled menus for your application with zero coding
SIZE: 2.32 MB shareware 16 May 2005
  IconVLFullScreen 1.0
Add full screening ability to your VB application.
SIZE: 1.48 MB shareware 25 Jun 2002
 IconVLFormDesigner 1.2
Deliver a full featured form designer with this easy to use control.
SIZE: 1.84 MB shareware 13 Apr 2004
  IconVLPropertyList 2.0
Visualize and edit multi-level categorized properties with VLPropertyList
SIZE: 1.98 MB shareware 01 Apr 2004
 IconVLViewPort 1.0
Use VLViewPort and get scrollable viewport with auto scrolling ability.
SIZE: 1.50 MB shareware 10 Jul 2002
  IconVLButtonBar 3.0
Add outlook bar style navigation to your applications with VLButtonBar control
SIZE: 1.56 MB shareware 28 Feb 2004
 IconForm Designer.Net 1.0
Build a runtime form designer with this component in just a few minutes.
SIZE: 3.86 MB shareware 10 Mar 2006