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 IconJunior Icon Editor 3.10
Create your multi-resolution icons for Windows with this easy icon editor
SIZE: 1.07 MB shareware 20 Mar 2008
  IconSib Image Viewer 3.22
A great tool for easy and fast image viewing and conversion to major formats!
SIZE: 6.20 MB shareware 16 Dec 2013
 IconMedical Icon Set 3.10
The SibCode Medical Icon Library is a fantastic set of medicine-related icons!
SIZE: 1.96 MB demo 14 May 2008
  IconSib Icon Converter 3.0
It converts images into Windows icons and extracts icons from libraries
SIZE: 5.42 MB shareware 06 Dec 2011
 IconNavigation Icon Set 2.8
118 liquid-smooth navigation icons to enhance software and Web interfaces
SIZE: 0.96 MB demo 10 Mar 2013
  IconSib Icon Replacer 2.32
A compact tool which will take great care of all your icon management needs
SIZE: 5.03 MB shareware 16 Dec 2013
 IconSib Font Editor 2.0
A handy tool to create fonts, transfer font symbols and modify font properties
SIZE: 0.77 MB shareware 05 Apr 2007
  IconFolder Icon Set 2.9
Icon sets of liquid-smooth folder icons to enhance software and web interfaces
SIZE: 7.69 MB demo 20 Mar 2013
 IconSib Mobile Imager 2.01
Easily download pictures from the PC to any mobile phone with Sib Mobile Imager
SIZE: 1.23 MB shareware 16 Jul 2007
  IconSmile Icon Set 3.11
An extensive set of emoticons for application and website developers
SIZE: 2.61 MB demo 20 Dec 2012
 IconRetina App Tab Bar Icons 2011.1
An easy way to create navigation and tab bars for iPhone and iPad apps
SIZE: 14.43 MB shareware 22 Jul 2011