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Related product from SB-Software:
 IconSBNews 10.3
SBNews / News Robot: Binary Newsgroup Auto-Downloader. Supports yEnc.
SIZE: 1.22 MB shareware 03 May 2007
  IconAndroid Newsgroup Downloader 6.2
Automatic Binary Usenet Newsgroup Downloader w/ multi-part file support
SIZE: 1.81 MB shareware 28 Jul 2010
 IconBinary Vortex 5.0
Download pictures, movies, mp3s, and other files from Newsgroups automatically!
SIZE: 0.99 MB shareware 13 Jan 2010
  IconGroovy Hex Editor 1.6
Easy to use fully function Hex Editor with no expiration & no disabled features
SIZE: 0.88 MB shareware 17 Nov 2006
 IconForPilots Pocket CheckList 1.1
Electionic Pilot's Aviation Checklist - Easy to Use!
SIZE: 0.11 MB freeware 04 May 2004
  IconSBJV 4.0
SBJV jpeg/gif/bmp image and thumbnail viewer and encryption ability
SIZE: 0.85 MB shareware 03 Mar 2005
 IconScotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1
Manage and remove windows startup programs and kill adware and spyware
SIZE: 0.53 MB freeware 18 Mar 2005
  IconSB Weather 3.1
Companion program for computerized weather station (WX200, WM918, WMR-968, etc)
SIZE: 2.15 MB shareware 29 Jun 2007
 IconXCPlan 1.3
Tool to automatically fill out pen & paper style cross country flight logs.
SIZE: 0.59 MB shareware 11 Apr 2005
  IconSortPics 2.9
Easy to use tool for viewing and sorting images and removing duplicates.
SIZE: 0.99 MB shareware 22 Jun 2006
 IconForpilots Logbook 2.1
Electronic Pilots Aviation Logbook, easy to use, with statistics.
SIZE: 5.15 MB shareware 23 Aug 2006
  IconQuadSucker-News 5.0
Multithreaded usenet news downloader downloads FOUR files at once!
SIZE: 1.19 MB shareware 16 Sep 2010
 IconDNS Watcher 1.2
keep watch on their DNS entries and ensure the servers are responding correctly
SIZE: 0.62 MB shareware 08 Apr 2005
  IconUltraSucker Web Downloader 3.0
Download entire websites fast with 12 simultaneous threads. Fast and very stable
SIZE: 1.36 MB shareware 28 Oct 2005
 IconScotts Binary Clock 2.0
Windows desktop clock displays time in binary instead of digital.
SIZE: 0.74 MB shareware 02 Nov 2006
  IconQuadSucker-Web 3.4
Multithreaded website downloading tool retrieves whole websites fast
SIZE: 1.27 MB shareware 30 Jan 2007
 IconMissile Commander XP 1.2
Missile Command game for Windows XP -- Requires DirectX9 -- cool graphics
SIZE: 2.60 MB shareware 12 Jan 2007
  IconScotts Wallpaper Switcher 1.7
System tray tool to switch wallpaper. Manual / Automatic / "Boss" mode
SIZE: 0.66 MB shareware 25 May 2007
 IconQuick Number Base Converter 1.3
System tray tool to convert number bases: hex, decimal, binary, ascii, etc
SIZE: 0.59 MB freeware 27 Oct 2006
  IconScott's Space Invaders 1.9
Space Invaders for Windows XP - 3D graphics - Requires Directx 9.0+
SIZE: 3.30 MB freeware 08 Mar 2007
 IconInteractive DNS Query 1.2
Query DNS servers and report the DNS records stored on them
SIZE: 0.51 MB freeware 14 Aug 2005
  IconScotts Model Railroad Screensaver 1.4
Animated model railroad screensaver -- locomotives on your desktop!
SIZE: 2.49 MB shareware 19 Apr 2005
 IconAstro Hunter 3D Deluxe 2.1
Asteroid shooter space game. 3D graphics. Requires directX 9.0.
SIZE: 4.17 MB shareware 30 Nov 2006
  IconePassBook Password Repository 1.6
Store and manage all of your passwords in a secure AES encrypted file
SIZE: 0.78 MB shareware 13 Nov 2006
 IconSBHttpStat Statistics 1.3
Plot latency and throughput from fetching a URL from a web server
SIZE: 0.76 MB freeware 16 Nov 2006
  IconSBHisto Histogram Generator 1.2
Generates histograms from simple ascii data files
SIZE: 0.59 MB freeware 18 Mar 2005
 IconThe Cerberus Incident 1.1
Graphical Role Playing Game: Can you shutdown Cerberus before it's too late?
SIZE: 6.42 MB shareware 27 Aug 2006
  IconScotts Nixie Tube Clock 1.1
Display an old-fashioned nixie or vfd clock on your windows desktop. freeware.
SIZE: 0.79 MB freeware 23 Mar 2005
 IconSMTP Watcher 1.0
sits in window system tray and monitors SMTP servers and pops up on problems
SIZE: 0.60 MB shareware 12 Mar 2005
  IconPolitical Invaders 1.6
Throw pies at the Politicians. Cool 3D Graphics. Requires DirectX 9.0+
SIZE: 3.32 MB freeware 02 Mar 2007
 IconUltimate Asteroids Arcade Pack 1.2
four asteroids arcade games featuring rendered and textured 3D graphics
SIZE: 4.49 MB shareware 21 Feb 2007
  IconLogan Pro Log Analyzer 1.6
Logan Pro is a web access log analysis and reporing tool
SIZE: 1.56 MB shareware 15 Apr 2005
 IconScott's JPEG Commenter 1.1
GUI JPEG / JPG comment editor, exporer-like interface w/ thumbnail preview
SIZE: 1.27 MB freeware 21 Sep 2006
  IconBeer Asteroids, Invaders, and Blaster 1.2
Blast the beer bottles with this collection of three beer themed arcade games
SIZE: 2.63 MB shareware 22 Feb 2007
 IconNonlinear Image Resizing Tool 1.0
Resize images between aspect ratios while preserving the center of the image
SIZE: 0.72 MB freeware 27 Jan 2006
  IconVisDir Free Disk Space Finder 1.4
GUI utility to navigate your disk and see which programs are using disk space
SIZE: 0.69 MB freeware 04 Jan 2006
 IconSBPop: Email Notification 1.6
SBPop monitors your Internet email mailbox for incoming mail and announces new m
SIZE: 0.77 MB shareware 12 Jan 2007
  IconWhen Icons Attack 1.3
Your desktop icons have launched an invasion; stop them in this space shooter
SIZE: 2.28 MB shareware 11 Feb 2007
 IconXMicroplayer 1.4
a simple, easy to use audio player designed to work with XM radio online service
SIZE: 0.77 MB freeware 24 Feb 2010