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 IconSaversPlanet Peaks Screensaver 5.0
Get away from the trouble of the modern world!
SIZE: 1.62 MB freeware 12 Apr 2013
  IconSaversPlanet MicroLife Screensaver 2.0
This is very unusual screensaver modeling biological life.
SIZE: 1.23 MB freeware 06 May 2013
 IconSaversPlanet Flame Screensaver 1.2
Fantastic flame screensaver by saversplanet!
SIZE: 2.31 MB freeware 09 Jan 2008
  IconSaversPlanet Mountains Screensaver 1.2
Enjoy quality images of mountains and rocks!
SIZE: 2.98 MB freeware 07 Dec 2007
 IconSaversPlanet Forest Screensaver 3.0
Enjoy splendid scenery for free!
SIZE: 1.60 MB freeware 21 May 2013
  IconBeautiful Places Screensaver 1.2
Visit a lot of beautiful places all around the world!
SIZE: 4.04 MB freeware 28 Mar 2008
 IconSaversPlanet Spring River Screensaver 3.0
This is very nice and attractive screensaver.
SIZE: 1.65 MB freeware 18 Apr 2013
  IconSaversPlanet Snowfall Screensaver 3.0
If you like nature you will love this screensaver!
SIZE: 2.36 MB freeware 02 May 2013
 IconSaversPlanet Cascade Screensaver 4.0
Download free Cascade Screensaver and enjoy it!
SIZE: 1.95 MB freeware 16 Apr 2013
  IconFlowers Garden Screensaver 1.2
Do you like colorful flowers? If so, this is your screensaver.
SIZE: 9.22 MB freeware 02 Apr 2008
 IconSaversPlanet Waterfalls Screensaver 1.2
Enjoy the most famous waterfalls right on your desktop!
SIZE: 3.06 MB freeware 09 Apr 2008
  IconSaversPlanet Rocks Screensaver 1.4
In this free screensaver you will see rocks located in different parts of world.
SIZE: 3.80 MB freeware 15 Mar 2007
 IconSaversPlanet 3D Box Screensaver 1.0
We are happy to present our new 3D screensaver!
SIZE: 8.50 MB freeware 03 May 2008
  IconFunny Balls Screensaver 1.0
Ten red, green and blue balls move around your screen, bouncing off each other!
SIZE: 1.24 MB freeware 02 Oct 2008
 IconMatrix Screensaver 2.0
Download legendary matrix screensaver!
SIZE: 1.26 MB freeware 08 Dec 2008
  IconClassic Stars Screensaver 1.0
Do you remember this flying in the space screensavers? It is classic stars!
SIZE: 1.27 MB freeware 31 Jan 2009
 IconCity Salute Screensaver 1.0
Hey, come to see new free salute screensaver!
SIZE: 1.37 MB freeware 09 Feb 2009
  IconFantastic Walk Screensaver 1.0
Parallel realities are penetrated by frantically dancing fireballs.
SIZE: 1.23 MB freeware 11 Mar 2009
 IconScreensavers and Wallpapers Toolbar 1.0
Download free screensavers and wallpapers toolbar!
SIZE: 1.19 MB freeware 15 Jan 2009
  IconFly Again Screensaver 1.0
Fly again in this screensaver!
SIZE: 1.52 MB freeware 30 Mar 2009
 IconGalaxy Dance Screensaver 1.0
From you desktop you can observe some strange dancing galaxies.
SIZE: 1.20 MB freeware 16 May 2009
  IconBox Clock Screensaver 1.0
Do you remember square mechanical clock with arabic numerals?
SIZE: 2.71 MB freeware 06 Nov 2009
 IconSea Adventure Screensaver 1.0
This is very simple, but attractive sea screensaver!
SIZE: 1.88 MB freeware 19 Dec 2009
  IconClock Mechanism Screensaver 1.0
New version of free clock screensaver.
SIZE: 1.28 MB freeware 22 Jan 2010
 IconHappy Clock Screensaver 1.0
Do you like clock screensavers? If yes, this is your screensaver.
SIZE: 1.63 MB freeware 18 Apr 2010
  IconCowboy Ride Screensaver 1.0
Take a ride with a group of cowboys on the wild west!
SIZE: 2.47 MB freeware 25 Jun 2010
 IconLake Clock Screensaver 1.0
Enjoy new free clock screensaver!
SIZE: 3.98 MB freeware 06 Sep 2010
  IconChristmas Decoration Screensaver 1.0
Enjoy smooth and realistic animation!
SIZE: 7.43 MB freeware 20 Dec 2010
 IconNew Year Snowfall 1.0
It is absolutely free and suitable for all ages. Happy New Year!
SIZE: 1.92 MB freeware 07 Jan 2011
  IconFigures Screensaver 1.0
We hope you will like classic figures screensaver release.
SIZE: 1.30 MB freeware 17 Feb 2011
 IconFractal Dragon Screensaver 1.0
Come to enjoy our first fractal screensaver!
SIZE: 1.47 MB freeware 29 Mar 2011
  IconShuffle Desktop Screensaver 1.0
So it is entertaining and relaxing to observe free shuffle screensaver in action
SIZE: 1.81 MB freeware 20 May 2011
 IconColibri Screensaver 1.0
Enjoy colibri flight in our new nature screensaver. Download free screensaver!
SIZE: 1.52 MB freeware 11 Jul 2011
  IconSpeed Color Screensaver 1.0
Treat yourself and amaze your friends! Download and install absolutely free!
SIZE: 1.52 MB freeware 01 Sep 2011
 IconFrost Clock Screensaver 1.0
Enjoy frost clock screensaver with the whole family! Download now!
SIZE: 7.10 MB freeware 24 Nov 2011
  IconCold Clock Screensaver 1.0
Holiday screensaver will not leave anyone indifferent. Just enjoy it!
SIZE: 6.34 MB freeware 13 Dec 2011
 IconButterflies World Screensaver 1.0
Charming saver! Download and enjoy it absolutely free...
SIZE: 5.43 MB freeware 12 Sep 2012
  IconGrass Time Screensaver 1.0
Summer blast of freshness with our new clock screensaver Grass Time!
SIZE: 21.02 MB freeware 10 Oct 2012
 IconLive Pebble Screensaver 1.0
Imagine that you are sitting near a stream with clear water at a summer day.
SIZE: 3.99 MB freeware 31 Oct 2012
  IconChristmas Serenity Screensaver 1.0
Very kind of screensaver that will create a sense of celebration!
SIZE: 5.27 MB freeware 27 Nov 2012
 IconHoliday Tree Screensaver 1.0
The large stately spruce in the winter forest will adorn your desktop.
SIZE: 3.35 MB freeware 16 Dec 2012
  IconAnimated Balls Screensaver 1.0
We offer you our screensaver of animated balls. Download our screensaver!
SIZE: 1.33 MB freeware 06 Jan 2013
 IconDark Style Screensaver 5.0
Just a couple of seconds and Dark Style screensaver is on your computer.
SIZE: 3.37 MB freeware 15 Jun 2013
  IconBright Rockets Screensaver 3.0
Bright Rockets Screensaver is a bright and charming screensaver for your PC.
SIZE: 17.10 MB freeware 14 Aug 2013