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 IconTriad 2.1
A puzzle game that will stretch your ability to find subtle patterns.
SIZE: 3.16 MB shareware 19 Aug 2002
  IconAbalone 1.2
A beautifully rendered strategy game played on a hexagonal board.
SIZE: 2.00 MB shareware 28 Jun 2002
 IconQuadrature 2.0
An absolutely unique strategy game with great visual effects for your PocketPC
SIZE: 4.27 MB shareware 28 Dec 2004
  IconCommCenter 1.1
Talk with your teammates while playing Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament!
SIZE: 3.11 MB shareware 15 Dec 2001
 IconCubed 1.1
A merciless 3D strategy game with enough action to keep your heart pounding.
SIZE: 2.01 MB shareware 14 Dec 2001
  IconIcarus 2.0
Absolutely the best internet chess program available anywhere.
SIZE: 1.16 MB shareware 30 Mar 2002
 IconCheckers International 1.6
Play nine checkers variations from throughout Europe.
SIZE: 1.22 MB shareware 15 Dec 2001