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 IconBenchmark Factory for Databases Freeware 6.9.1
Database Performance and Scalability Testing for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2
SIZE: 84.10 MB freeware 30 May 2013
  IconTOAD for DB2 5.1
TOAD for DB2 is a database development solution.
SIZE: 106.25 MB freeware 27 Mar 2013
 IconSpotlight on MySQL 2.0.1
Spotlight on MySQL diagnoses performance issues by displaying all DB activity
SIZE: 24.87 MB freeware 03 Mar 2006
  IconTOAD for DB2 UDB
TOADŽ for DB2 UDB is a database development solution.
SIZE: 28.64 MB freeware 25 Oct 2005
 IconCompareRocket for Visual Studio 1.5
Compare and Synchronize SQL Server in Visual Studio
SIZE: 6.16 MB shareware 18 Jul 2006
  IconQuest Central for DB2 3.1.1
Suite of DB2 productivity tools for developers and database administrators
SIZE: 50.70 MB freeware 23 Sep 2003
 IconSQL Optimizer for Visual Studio 1.5
Optimize SQL Server Queries in Visual Studio
SIZE: 12.26 MB shareware 18 Jul 2006