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 IconDC Monitoring Software 9.09.01
Monitor and evaluate your DC performance with DC monitor tool
SIZE: 0.56 MB freeware 02 Feb 2010
  IconLocal User Management 9.09.01
Manage user accounts more efficiently with Chily user management tool
SIZE: 0.54 MB freeware 16 Feb 2010
 IconActive Directory Self Service 9.12.01
Simplify managing information in Windows Active Directory
SIZE: 2.13 MB shareware 07 Apr 2010
  IconFree Lepide DC Monitor 10.12.01
Lepide DC Monitor tool to analyze status of active directory domain controllers
SIZE: 0.57 MB freeware 08 Aug 2011
 IconFree Lepide User Management 10.12.01
Use user management tool and manage user accounts within the Domain.
SIZE: 0.54 MB freeware 10 Aug 2011
  IconFree Lepide Active Directory Query 10.12.01
Free Lepide Active Directory Query Tool to extract required AD details
SIZE: 0.70 MB freeware 12 Aug 2011
 IconFree Lepide Offline Folder Report 10.12.01
Get Offline folder details with free Lepide Offline folder report
SIZE: 0.97 MB freeware 12 Aug 2011