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 IconRecordPad Sound Recorder 5.35
RecordPad is a sound recording program for Windows PCs.
SIZE: 0.74 MB shareware 18 May 2015
  IconSoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder 2.32
Record streaming audio from your computer to either wav or mp3 formats
SIZE: 0.78 MB shareware 28 Jul 2014
 IconTone Generator 3.12
Create audio tones, sweeps or noise waveforms.
SIZE: 0.37 MB shareware 22 Sep 2014
  IconSwitch Audio File Converter 4.88
Audio file format converter software for mp3, wav and 20 other file formats.
SIZE: 0.58 MB shareware 05 Oct 2015
 IconGolden Records Vinyl to CD/MP3 Converter 2.08
Convert your vinyl record or tape to CD with Golden Records.
SIZE: 0.80 MB shareware 28 May 2015
  IconExpress Talk VoIP Softphone 4.35
Internet phone to make calls using your PC
SIZE: 0.67 MB shareware 17 Sep 2013
 IconWavepad Audio Editor 6.33
Music editor software to edit voice and other sound recordings on a Windows PC
SIZE: 1.03 MB shareware 28 Oct 2015
  IconExpress Burn DVD Burning Software 4.92
Video and data DVD burning software, also compatible with data Blu-ray Discs
SIZE: 0.80 MB shareware 04 Oct 2015
 IconSlice Audio File Splitter 2.01
Audio file splitting software for mp3, wav and more.
SIZE: 0.23 MB shareware 25 Sep 2009
  IconFastFox Typing Expander 2.35
FastFox Text Expander and Keyboard Shortcut Software
SIZE: 0.49 MB shareware 14 Jul 2015
 IconStamp ID3 Tag Editor 2.39
This ID3 Tag Editor adds information to MP3 files.
SIZE: 0.57 MB shareware 19 Nov 2013
  IconVRS Telephone Call Recorder 5.48
Multi-Channel Telephone Call (and other) Line Recorder
SIZE: 0.70 MB shareware 18 Sep 2013
 IconVerbose Text to Speech Software 2.01
Professional text to speech application to assist in listening to text
SIZE: 0.55 MB shareware 24 Jul 2013
  IconDebut Pro Edition 2.26
Record videos with audio from your screen or take screenshots easily on your PC.
SIZE: 1.54 MB shareware 30 Dec 2015
 IconPrism Plus Edition 2.55
Prism Plus Edition Video Converter Software is a simple video conversion tool.
SIZE: 0.59 MB shareware 16 Dec 2015
  IconSwitch Plus Audio File Format Converter 4.27
Audio file format converter software for mp3, wav and 20 other file formats.
SIZE: 0.50 MB shareware 01 May 2012
 IconPhotoStage Pro Edition 3.31
PhotoStage Pro Edition creates dynamic slideshows from your photos.
SIZE: 5.27 MB shareware 12 Oct 2015
  IconScreenStream 1.05
ScreenStream lets other computers see what you are seeing on your desktop
SIZE: 0.34 MB freeware 13 Jul 2007
 IconZulu Masters Edition 3.62
Zulu Masters Edition is the complete DJ software solution.
SIZE: 0.95 MB shareware 20 Oct 2015
  IconSwitch Plus Edition for Mac 4.94
Switch MP3 Converter Software for Mac. Easily convert mp3, wav, wma formats.
SIZE: 2.38 MB shareware 23 Nov 2015