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 IconConnect 2.02
Connect the dots to close the cells - close the most cells and you win.
SIZE: 0.97 MB shareware 16 May 2002
  Icon199 Mazes 2.23
Solve 400+ mazes but watch out for the snakes, cannons and moving walls.
SIZE: 2.11 MB shareware 12 Feb 2005
 IconTriple Blocks 2.03
Clear the playing field with the fewest moves by swapping blocks to form triples
SIZE: 1.33 MB shareware 04 Nov 2006
  IconBlock Drop 2.15
Falling blocks variant with 49 unique block configurations. Many other features.
SIZE: 1.14 MB shareware 07 Jan 2007
 Icon2 Squared 1.12
Remove matching colored blocks from the playing field and maximize your score.
SIZE: 1.22 MB freeware 02 Jan 2007
  Icon3 Blaster 1.12
Blast bricks out of the playing field to clear the board in this mind game.
SIZE: 1.34 MB shareware 26 Feb 2007