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 IconWord Password Recovery Wizard 2.1.2
Quickly recover passwords for documents with Word Password Recovery.
SIZE: 1.73 MB shareware 04 Sep 2008
  IconPowerPoint Password Recovery 2.1.3
Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
SIZE: 1.66 MB shareware 15 Jan 2010
 IconRAR Password Recovery 1.1 RC17
Recover lost or forgotten passwords to the RAR/WinRAR archives.
SIZE: 0.71 MB shareware 02 Dec 2006
  IconBubble Bobble: The New Adventures 1.1
Remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble.
SIZE: 3.44 MB shareware 27 May 2005
 IconOffice Password Recovery 2.0.7
Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Office documents and files.
SIZE: 2.05 MB shareware 16 Sep 2008
  IconAnimated Desktop 1.2.4
Animated Desktop util gives you a unique chance to "bring life to your desktop".
SIZE: 4.42 MB shareware 19 Aug 2006
 IconPeach Tree Password Recovery 1.0
Recover Peachtree Accounting password immediately. All passwords are recovered!
SIZE: 0.40 MB shareware 07 Oct 2006
  IconOpenOffice Calc Password Recovery 1.0.6
Recover lost or forgotten passwords to spreadsheets created in OpenOffice Calc.
SIZE: 1.52 MB shareware 29 Jan 2009
 IconPST Password Recovery 1.0.6
PST Password Recovery: everything you want from a password restorer.
SIZE: 1.12 MB shareware 26 Apr 2014
  IconReflex 1.05
Improve your speed and accuracy when working with a computer mouse!
SIZE: 1.55 MB freeware 05 Dec 2004
 IconAccess Password Recovery 1.0i
Recovers lost passwords for any database protected by MS Access 97-2003.
SIZE: 0.39 MB shareware 31 Aug 2005
  IconMDB Password Recovery 1.0.2
MDB Password Recovery: everything you need to handle lost passwords.
SIZE: 0.87 MB shareware 12 Sep 2008
 IconOpenOffice Password Recovery 1.0.6
Recover any password and remove all protection in any OpenOffice document.
SIZE: 1.59 MB shareware 05 Feb 2009
  Icona.Paper 2.1
a.Paper software gives you a unique chance to "bring life to your desktop".
SIZE: 2.12 MB shareware 16 Aug 2003
 IconOpenOffice Writer Password Recovery 1.0.6
Recover passwords for protected documents created in Writer.
SIZE: 1.52 MB shareware 02 Feb 2009
  IconFantasy Tetrix 1.0
Fantasy Tetrix is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game.
SIZE: 2.50 MB shareware 11 Apr 2003
 IconOpenOffice Math Password Recovery 1.0.0
Recover passwords and remove ReadOnly protection for OpenOffice Math documents.
SIZE: 1.56 MB shareware 02 Feb 2007
  IconOutlook Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.5
Trying to recover a password manually? This program does it immediately!
SIZE: 1.35 MB shareware 03 May 2014
 IconFlash .SCR Master 1.4
Create your own professional screensavers and share them with your friends.
SIZE: 2.06 MB shareware 22 Feb 2005